Physical Harm from PMO

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by MellowFellow, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. MellowFellow

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    Have you ever hurt yourself physically from your addiction? I did, kind of indirectly, and in a relatively minor way!

    Since my addiction spiralled I've been looking at porn, masturbating, and orgasming a LOT more than I used to. The brain fog descends and I'm in zombie mode for a long time.

    Thing is, I didn't notice that my posture has become awkward and hunched when I'm in zombie mode, and I've developed the "death grip" because of desensitisation. So when I have an edging session it's followed by pain in my back and genitals which is really quite bad. I was also peeing a lot in short bursts which was uncomfortable and annoying. I googled it and other guys have had this issue.

    This is such a dumb way to harm myself and I'd rather not be a deformed dopamine-chasing hunchback! Remember to sit up straight and be gentle with your little guy!
  2. Powerous

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    Can you explain what death grip is I forgot
  3. MellowFellow

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    I heard about it from the Glossary:

    • Death Grip: The tight-fisted grip on the penis many men develop by masturbating. Because it is much more constricted than the grip of an actual vagina, the death grip overstimulates the penis, reduces pleasure in the long run, and can make it difficult or impossible to orgasm with a woman.
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  4. Powerous

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    Damn thats pretty rough haha.
  5. WasZeusWrong?

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    To answer your question: Yes! I feel so stupid for having caused myself all kinds of leg and foot pain. That pain, in turn, makes me feel old (and very unsexy) and it can even prevent me from doing some of the out-in-the-world physical activities that I love. Like you, I'd rather not be "a deformed dopamine-chasing hunchback!" Great turn of phrase :)

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