Pick-Up is Bullshit

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Progressive Death Mettle, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Anthony Rod

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    Well, bro. Setting aside what others say about pickup; everything(including your career and women) depends on your mindset.
    I was virgin till 18 years old, but would have preferred a lot to be virgin than to fuck with a girl who cheated me afterwards with 3 guys(don't know how that happen, but it happen). The sex happened soon after I convince myself that I am worthy of everything. I convinced myself that I looked good, that I was perfect as who I am, and shouldn't compare with anyone else.

    My point is if you keep insisting that you are not a handsome guy, not intelligent nor valuable at all. You will end up earning what that person you've described will be. Perhaps, you fail sometimes, but that doesn't mean you have to give up. Don't be a quitter in your quest of self improvement.

    Perhaps, this may sound weird, but fake it until you make it. Act as the best image of yourself, and you will earn what the best of you should earn.

    Life is about choosing something, and focus on that something. If you keep focusing on what you are not("I don't have a lot going for me. I don't have the best-looking face or most fit body and I'm not the most intelligent guy in the world."), you will keep being in that. Good things come from inside out.\

    Choose different.
  2. himmelstoss

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    What if I feel like I'm ok now (say 6/10) but that I could (and should) be a hell of a lot more?
  3. diamondboi

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    pick up is bullshit.

    U can't manipulate and 'game' yourself in a womens pants. We are visual creatures, u think how men view women is any different then they view us, ha. Women if anything thanks to social media, and online dating have higher standards then men. Most men will screw anything with a pulse for that matter.

    It's all LOOKS, if u mutually like each others looks, then it will go from there, and this is where experience comes in hand. Socializing is a skill, and takes time.

    These PUA sites are made by losers for losers. Jeez christ, it's cringe worthy.. ever see the audience in their videos. Don;t poison your mind with this crap.
  4. Mister_Chamomile

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    I feel the same, although I've had relationships between 6months and 3yrs with pretty attractive girls. Granted, I lived in a college town for 7 years. But now where I live, it's a desert. I don't want to mess with early 20s girls anymore and women in their late 20s and early 30s are impossible to find near me.
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    Ah yes pick-up.... I have started this along time ago and got an approach anxiety from that about 3 years ago.....
    I want to answer this article as if I was the one posting it.

    Pick-up companies are manipulative against weak men who most are .. virgin.
    And I was one of them.

    RSD videos would usually say "inner game" is the start and then you deepen your voice and bla bla bla................
    Then , there are those who say "be yourself" and the truth about this statement is ... very true.
    It is the key to develop yourself in life.

    Now here's where a-lot of guys don't understand (like the OP in this case).
    When you start to see you're real self , who is weak and all, you develop this thought about improving yourself in any shape or form.
    Better job, go to the gym , beautify yourself, start arranging meeting with other and such.

    This is all healthy !!! :)
    look at what you're thinking ! you want to become better !
    Earn that motivation develop you.
    As you go along the way, you need to also start paying attention to your mental problems and needs.
    This was discussed in "The Power of Now" that Owen from RSD spoke about so much.

    And finally I want to add one last thing to this post.
    Cheer yourself when you approach hot women.
    Doesn't matter if you half-assed or not , the act it self is done was your inner desires.
    Not by the need to check list our basic life goals (get job , get wife , get old etc..).

    I hope you realize your inner self and give attention to your inner desires.
  6. whoami33

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    Its 2018 and pick-up industry is still mostly bullsh*t
  7. ASD_OZ

    ASD_OZ Fapstronaut

    Yea, this post I wrote is very old...
    I have a-lot of different things on my mind I would like to address in my personal journal forum.
  8. Woman naturally gravitate toward you if you have a strong sense of self. If people need to overcome it I'd say some pick up material can be helpful such as RSD, you just have to not take it all seriously. As my dad always said "When getting information eat the meat & spit out the bone," take what's good (such as regularly interacting with woman,) & ditch the bad habits that are undesirable (such as fantasies that occur, & neediness.)

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