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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by NF SINCE BIRTH, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Hi! I yust came from a PUA site ( pick up artist) and I really like the stuff they are writing about on the sites but I could not stay there for long before I noticed triggering adds. Not exactly pornographic but I would say borderline erotic and for me being clean for 10 days it was nearly unbearable to stay on the site.

    So I started this thread hoping that some other fapstronauts want to join me in a challenge. The goal is to get better at picking up girls. I will start by posting a challenge which I will complete myself offcourse.

    Here it goes: Go for a walk in town, at school or anywhere where you would find a lot of strangers. The goal is to make eye contact with every woman you walk by, smile and say a simple "hi". Do this for at least 20 minutes. Then do the same thing the next day untill you get comfortable with it. Post in the comments how it goes.
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  2. I have to say that even tough this may sound like an easy challenge, try it and prove it. It doesnt matter if they dont respond. It doesnt matter if it gets awkward. That is the whole point. You are supposed to learn something from this. It is a necessary first step to break down your social anxiety.
  3. joel61

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    Im in bro, sounds fun and like something everyone should do in order to get more comfortable and confident :D
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  4. Caveat Emptor

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    Hmmm... I'll start doing that on my morning commute. I take the train and walk so there are tons of strangers. Maybe after a week or two of that challenge, I could upgrade to starting conversation with one woman a day.

    What did you have in mind, @Nofapsincebirth?
  5. Awingman

    Awingman Fapstronaut

    I may give this a try today & tomorrow as well, I have always been interested in the P.U.A. community.
  6. Teoz

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    Sounds a little like a new pua group.. not a bad idea though pushing ourselves
  7. Pick-up is silly. It turns you into an actor that thinks he's getting better with women just because he's willing to say and do stupid, offensive stuff in public. It also forces you to memorize lines which is a sure-fire way to get shit-tested by any woman worth a second look. My advice is to not take short-cuts and just take your lumps in the arena of love/romance like men have been doing since the dawn of time. It's difficult. But you get a true sense of who you are instead of relying on other peoples' experiences.
  8. himmelstoss

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    Last time I "took my lumps" I didn't learn anything. I needed the red pill to explain what was going on. Do you have a better solution?
  9. Awingman

    Awingman Fapstronaut

    I'm looking into doing a PUA boot camp next month if I can afford it.
  10. Andrimner

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    Might try this out. I think the point is to get over social anxiety so you can be yourself when meeting new people. Not to become an actor.
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  11. justcauseiamnot

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    I agree with andrimner, i don't think that becoming a pua is the answer... ive seen their videos on youtube and honestly... i wonder how they pick up women in the first place.

    most of them seem like they are relying on cheap manipulation tactics to get them with girls, lots of times it seems like they are just pressuring girls to give them their number.

    i mean, doing this NoFap challenge i am starting to see how stupid it is to objectify women like this...

    i do not think anyone here wants to become an "actor" playing a predetermined role that will get them with girls...

    that being said...

    i do think it would be a good idea to walk around and make eye contact and say hi to girls, i might try to do that just for the experience... but not pua style..
  12. dedManfapping

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  13. My "solution" would be to stop looking for solutions. You're trying to solicit an easy answer for a very deep, dense problem. Like an earlier poster mentioned, Isaac Newton gave us the Laws of Motion, Calculus, the equations which described the movement of celestial bodies...but he couldn't figure out an equation to get laid.

    Give it time. If you still suck 10 years from now, then I'm full of shit. But something tells me that you and everybody on this forum will be fine.
  14. himmelstoss

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    Newton could have gotten laid if he wanted to. Same with Tesla. There's physics groupies now. No idea what they look like (HB6 nerdettes?) but physicists can get laid doing what they love.

    Check my counter. I think I'm going to need 270 days.
  15. sir fappanot

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    I like the notion of the challenge. Getting comfortable with a simple gesture seems like a great first step man. "pick up artist" has a negative connotation to it, for good reason, but I wouldn't consider this to be a pickup artist move.

    It's just simply a simple challenge, that helps push on the boundaries of our comfort zones. I got to give this some more thought, but I think that's a great way to expand and grow as a person. Pushing yourself will get you places! righto man
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    Newton didn't want it
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  17. I think getting a girl is simple, though not easy. But not why you think. Girls are attracted to guys who do stuff. Not pretend to do stuff, mind you. You need to have a goal in your life, find something you like doing and just do it. Get good in it. You know, women like guys who have a mission in life. If you make girls your mission, they'll run away. But if you have a mission greater than them, they can join you on the adventure. Women don't want to be the adventure themselves, but they like adventure. That is why you have to be on an adventure on your own. SOme girls will not like what you're doing, others will.

    My suggestion would be to find something you like doing and also it has to be real. Computer games are not real, they only give you the sense of adventure, and that is why they lure you in. Kinda similarly to pornography. Anyway, you can pick anything I suppose. But make sure you like doing it even if :
    -no one is around
    - nobody will ever know that you are doing that thing
    This way you can make sure that the goal you pick is yours, and you are not subconsciously trying to please someone else.
    Then you can join a group who is doing that stuff, and will help you to learn and get better. Chance is, that there will be girls. You can socialise then. But remember, don't make girls the target, the target is to get better at your goal. Walk on the adventure road, and let others join you if they want. But don't make anyone the goal of the adventure. (Except God if you are a believer in Christ.)

    Good luck guys!
  18. david-ca

    david-ca Fapstronaut

    Guys It's very needy to become a pick up artist(by the way it's an insult to art by calling "picking up girls" an art!) or more generally go somewhere and make eye contact with every girl you see and say hi to them or sth.Why don't you just do sth great with your time while you have it and achieve sth great instead of thinking about how to pick up a girl?You people are a lot better than this!:cool:
  19. Finalfight123

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    Interesting thought but true girls should never become your biggest goal in life. They should be second because you will always be their second goal in life. Develop yourself develop who you are. But Ive heard feminist hate when guys approach girls so I hate to say it but I do it almost just to give feminism the finger. But do be careful don't be super physical and if a girl seems bad or not worth it at all drop her and move on there are thousands of girls never get to attached or into any single one not worth it if she's mean she will use you so be careful. but best of luck
  20. himmelstoss

    himmelstoss Fapstronaut

    It's going to take 10+ years for me to get good at my hobby, any suggestions for what I can do in the meantime?

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