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  1. Get a better job. Get fit. Make friends who don't spend their lives on this forum... The possibilities are endless.
  2. You weren't inside his head. You don't really know why people do or don't do things. You can speculate. And unfortunately that happens quite often in our society, baseless accusations based on assumption. But if you're a full-blooded man, I don't care what era you come from you want to get laid.
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    I am a passionate reader of history and philosophy of science and Ironically have recently given a lecture about the life and work of Sir Isaac Newton , so you are the one making accusations based on assumption here :)
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  4. Join a gym. A sports club. Attend to a dance class. Cooking class. Chess club, if you're a nerd. Start to learn a musical instrument, or to draw or paint. Or a sewing club, whatever. Start some kind of martial arts (I do that actually). Just get out of your room and be around people. If you're religious, attend to church. For example, I met my girlfriend in a christian camp. We just sat next to each other accidentally, and I just turned to her and said: "Hi, my name is Balázs, what's yours?"
    Good thing about being a serious christian is that I don't have to worry about anything. No christian girl rejects an approach, and they are very open to a friendly chat. Since sexuality till marriage is out of the question, you automatically focus on their personalities, and they also sense that you don't just want to bang them, and that helps as well. Keep your expectations low, and forget your secret thoughts and plans. Be sincere, calm and kind. Being honest is the best advice I can give.
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