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    Hi guys,

    I have been on hardmode (NoPMO) for 111 days now (plus, 29 days streak before that as well) due to suffering from PIED. I have made some massive improvements along the way. Erections are 100% hard. I can now stay hard for 10+ mins just thinking of a ex girlfriend in my mind alone. Increased libido etc...

    I wrote my progress here so far;


    I would like to use dating websites again like POF again (I did this years ago to meet ex-girlfriends) but I'm not sure that's the best option from someone who's had PIED? I might be cured? (I'm not sure yet).

    What are your thoughts on my situation and using dating once more?

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    Don't overthink. Just go ahead and date. Do not allow your mind to think about PIED and spoil the dating experience. You are already a new version of yourself.
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    Thanks @Environmental Specialist hope you are well and doing great yourself.
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    You should relax and stop worrying. You can go ahead and date because there is nothing wrong to start this and help yourself. Your relationship will flourish and it will be okay. You will get over it. We all have problems like that from time to time so there is noting to be worried about. If you don't want to go out and pick up people in bar you can meet someone online, like I prefer to do (I live in Seattle so I usually use this website: https://datehookup.dating/singles-wa-seattle-5.htm; but it's good worldwide as far as I understand) and meet people there. You can relax and create a decent relationship and when you are comfortable you won't have any problems.
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