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    Hey all just thought I'd post to provide those struggling with some positive results. I'll keep it simple.

    Suffered from mild to moderate PIED although ED pill would work. My main problem was DE. I was unable to orgasm with a partner for years (25yo). I also believe that performance anxiety was a factor too. Tried several times with current (new) partner only to fail before discovering NOFAP.

    Basically been attempting to stop PMO since February but the lockdown and personal circumstances kind of made it difficult to stop completely. Initially I could only make it 3-5 days before relapse.

    I have learnt that for most, Nofap is something you get better at the more you do it. I now can regularly reach 10-16 days (still low I know but as I said its a work in progress.

    Benefits of Nofap other than curing PIED etc:
    I am not someone who believes too much in the 'superpowers'. Despite being addicted to some weird porn fetishes I have a career and a wonderful girlfriend and I'd say I'm average when talking to girls etc. The reason I say this as I want to be honest with you all. However, Nofap does make you feel generally better in many ways.

    My anxious and depressed feelings since starting nofap have reduced probably 20 percent which is a big decrease and I have been feeling more confident and content overall.

    Direct PIED and DE improvements:
    After a couple months of decent streaks (7 days at least but usually no more than 14) I had sex with my gf after 16 days no MO and 6 days no P (I failed to resist a craving to look at pics). I took somewhat longer than I would like to O (prob 15 mins of continuous PIV sex) but for the first time in years I was able to O during intercourse!

    My ED was also much less severe. I have now gone from a full V pill to a a much lower dose (I may even be ok without but for now it helps with my performance anxiety).

    Nofap works! Of course it does. During our streaks our minds try to trick us otherwise but it just works. I by no means am cured yet. And frankly I'm upset with myself as I relapsed a few days after success. So clearly I'm still addicted. BUT now that I have seen success there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    I wish you all the best on your journeys. I hope this small success gives you hope. I too once thought I'd never be able to make it or it wouldn't work. If you have any questions or tips I might be able to help.
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    try avoiding the pill bro...abstain for 6 months from sex and then try .

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