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    Hey guys, Im george, im porn free from 7/10/2018 . ive been viewing porn and im addicted to it 12 years now, the last 3 years ive been viewing pretty much Transexual porn because i seeked something more extreme, i was very confused about this and i had heavy HOCD thoughts , but now that i have researched so much about Porn and our Brain on it, im sure about me being Straight and that i have a escalating behavior.. I haven't been with a girl for 2 years because im afraid that i will not get it up, not be able to cum, and pretty much ashamed of my past....im quitting porn now and i hope for all...i have doubts if i get better, if all those unspeakable things that i have watched ever erase from my mind and i can look my girl in her eyes without guilt again... I have started working out and trying to be positive, but sometimes i feel horrible because of my withdraw... I have one issue, in about a month from now i will meet with a girl...do you think i would be in condition that i will have healthy sexual and emotional relashionship with her ? or i must avoid her and wait time to pass more to reconnect with woman in general ? so i would have not any more issues that will get me sad again ?

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