PIED cured after 2 months. Had problem for 8 years. CURED

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by James24, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. James24

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    I was on this forum long ago. I failed and left. Couldn't get erections with partners. At all. Lost many relationships because of it.

    I fell in love and it didn't work out at ALL. However, that feeling was all it took for me to naturally stop having any interest in PMO. I immediately stopped and never looked back, with no issues, even after 8 years of unequivocal failure and losing streaks. I now have no issues. I have sex regularly with no problems. I O quickly but I wait 10 minutes and can immediately go at it again and last longer. I had sex twice in a row yesterday with condoms both times. I can take my time putting a condom on. The feel of skin is enough for my penis to start functioning. I don't have strange lustful desire. Just regular sex drive. No crazy erections during the day. Just normal ones. Everything seems easy and natural. So I'm cured. Just wanted to post my story here. Figured I never would be posting a success story topic but here it is. Keep on trying everyone! It is absolutely possible.
  2. Bobeed

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    Did you stop pmo totally for 60 days? Like even no sex during those time? What problems were you having before during sex? Did your erections improve?
  3. James24

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    No I had sexual relations maybe twice a week but it was just kissing mostly. I masturbayed five or six times the entire period but I was always w someone. I had sex maybe five or six times also but I used c*alis. Before, I couldn't keep an erection. It used to be so bad I couldn't even get one at all. Then I could get one but it would go away and wouldn't come back or would take half an hour. Then I fell in love accidentally and immediately stopped porn and M at home. I had been PMOing three or four times a day. Then here I am two months later after quitting, and everything works fine.
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  4. DBug

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    Thank you for sharing!
    As someone who too is suffering from PIED I need to read sth like that from time to time.
    All the best!
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  5. Shah Rukh

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    I have cured my PIED,but still low sexual desires,what to do man?
  6. Ben the Fighter

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    Wow thats a great story. Me too, hooked up with PMO for 8 years but i have never stopped for that long, only 3 weeks thats my best streak. Are you completely cured for just 2 months? Is your brain normal now (not thinking bad things)? And with this PMO habit i am experiencing PE (Premature Ejaculation), is it going to cure if we stop PMO for long period of time?
  7. TheWarrant

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    Great news. I'm also seeing my PIED beginning to fade as I continue on this journey.
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  8. nofepper

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    nice story, keep going
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  9. Kazmi

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    @fly high wooohh!!! One hell of a motivation man!
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  10. James24

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    I don't have that high of sexual desire either either. I was always horny mentally 24/7 before when I PMOed. I don't think people are supposed to be thinking Those sexual thoughts all the time. My sex drive and motivation for sex is just comfortable now and when it happens it happens but I don't really think about it I guess. It's not really prominent in my mind.

    My brain is normal id say. that whole part of me is basically removed now. I never sit at home wanting to PMO. It doesn't cross my mind so I don't know what my fantasies are now or if I even have any. It feels nice. Premature ejaculation isn't a problem either for me but I did experience it before.
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