PIED cured after 8 months!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by winningover, Dec 28, 2019.

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    Oh nvm I meant to ask the guy who started the thread
  2. God bless you! I am at the point where I was at about 43 days and tested myself to see if my body would still be able to achieve an erection. I felt dead with my libido.

    How did you deal with the fact that the flatline was an unknown thing? That is by far THE scariest part. Also - it feels like when I am in it, I am stuck forever.

    I am actually speaking to a sex therapist in a couple of days as well.
  3. Thanks alot Brother.
    Your story is Very Inspiring.
    All the Best.
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    Congratulations. It's very encouraging
    Five years after I started to control my addiction to pornography, my premature ejaculation recovered. I didn't come to nofap at that time.
    Yes, it's really great to have sex with people who love each other in reality. There are no regrets, no remorse, no disappointment, and some are wholeheartedly satisfied
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    How’d you find the sex therapist you were going to talk to (maybe have talked to a few times since this was written)? I was looking for one, but had a challenging time.

    What was it like working with them? If you don’t mind me asking.
  6. I spoke to her a few times but actually, I contacted the sex addiction therapist direct who advocates for nofap in the video.
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    Wait I’m confused by ur wording, u took 5 years of NoFap to cure premature ejaculation?
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    Yes, in 2013 I started trying to get rid of pornography, often failing when I never gave up. It wasn't until 2018 that premature ejaculation resumed
  9. I am 19 with PIED(which gives me insecurities) , hope to cure it via nofap!
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  11. thanks
    this is a really great and lovely advice for many people around here;
    yes, I repeat myself this over and over : I'm doing this for myself and nobody else, and it feels soo good to know it!!

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    I personally think you should speak to your wife,you don't think she would of noticed differences in you? Speaking from experience the lies make it so much more painful I wish my partner would of told me before it caused real damage & pied,I would of tried to fix it together,now iam not sure if it's too late,the lack of communication is making it so difficult,whatever you decide I truly wish you every success and hope you get your life back & live happily with your wife
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    Agreed bro. I am planning to take her out on a weekend and have a talk. Thanks for taking time in replying bro
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    Your welcome,I am female but still happy to be a bro lol ;) oh good I like that idea,just be as honest as you can & make sure she knows what she means to you & that it's important for you to be honest & have her support.good luck man I hope it goes well,let us know
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    First of Thank a lot (Jazakallah).
    I'm single. I can relate it. started watching porn at same age and biggest streaks are 110 and 95 days. I avoided porn months but kept failing. However, recently made 18 days and yesterday I failed again. Nothing motivated to me to continue the nofap. I was helpless, how much try to make strong and applied all coping tools, eventually its end up with porn. BUT thankfully today I have found your forum, it's really enlightened and brought some sense. Now again I sincerely start my reboot journey and I will read this forum weekly once as a reminder :emoji_alarm_clock: I will keep engage to these kind of forums .
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    Brother, this was incredibly inspiring. Glad to see you talk about the PAWS. I’m going through, lack of energy, stress for no reason, anxiety and depression. It’s so messed up. But I’ve been meditating a lot and slowly doing light workouts to help.

    I can relate to you in age too man. I’m 29, currently at 87 days no porn, 15 days no orgasm. I MOed once in those 87 days because insomnia was making me go crazy.

    Did you experience chronic fatigue/lack of energy ?
    Do you think if you started off hard mode from the start it would of assisted?

    I have noticed my anxiety start to get better though.
    Thank you for sharing you story brother, it gives me hope.
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    hello bro,I feel happy you recovered from PE.I am scared of PE and still confused.I PM for hours before ejaculations some years ago,but PE is now hitting me hard.my penile immediate response to stimulation was just quick orgasm and mostly associated with few or no pleasure(anhedonia),I last for less than a minute.unfortunately the cause of PE is not known(by scientists).what other approaches other than nofap do you think helped you reversed your PE?
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    Maybe it needs patience. Quantitative change will lead to qualitative change
    Good luck
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