PIED Cured - sex after 30 days hard mode

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    I had sex for the first time in almost a year and it was amazing. I finally was able to quit watching pornography after 2 years of trying, my ED is gone and I had sex with a girl that I really like. What I did and how you can too:

    1.install a porn blocker - I recommend k9: make the password super annoying, write it down, and get a friend to hide it somewhere for you, that way you can only use it if you really need to.

    2. block all media at the start (first few weeks) - try to go online the least amount possible. I think of it as out of sight, out of mind. when you are online, it's one step closer to pornography, so if you remove that step you are further away for temptation.

    3. when you fail, write it down, log your fails, and also note why you failed. once you know the problem you can fix it the next time. I found that I would be more tempted to watch when I was up late, lonely, tired or hungry, and if I felt an urge coming, I just stayed offline.

    4. have a purpose, online and off - before you go online, write down what you need to get done, do it, then leave, don't get distracted b/c this can easily create relapse. have a purpose in your life, make plans, do them even if everyone else is busy, make things happen, work towards your goals.

    5. practice self-discipline. quitting porn is not about having a lot of willpower, it's about having a lot of self-discipline. while I was quitting porn, I also quit chewing my nails, because it was another bad habit and this helped me work on my self-discipline. I actually noticed some of the times I relapsed was actually because I chewed my nails first.

    6. understand that this is a journey, not a race, you will probably fail, but rather than accept that just get back up when you fall and start again, try to beat your last streak every time.

    7. when it comes time to re-wire with a girl, tell her what you have been and are going through. If she isn't willing to work through it with you, she's not worth having at all.

    8. there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is amazing. my life has flipped 360, I have my dream job, I'm dating a girl that I find amazing and I've completed so many of my goals during this journey that I wish I had started taking it more seriously sooner on. Porn addiction is a serious downfall but there is a way up, you just have to keep at it.
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    Wow! Great advice man! Thanks and wish you all the best in the world!
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    Amazing story mate! keep it up!

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