PIED: How bad is fantasizing for recovery?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Rox7, Jun 8, 2020.

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    I am 24 going on 25 and I have had serious PIED for 4-5 years, to the point where I couldn't even get full erections during PMO, but I still get morning wood sometimes. I have been without PMO for 2 months. I have not seen any improvement, though with the issue being as bad as it is, I wasn't expecting to this early.

    The pattern seems to be that I'll have a period of 1-2 weeks without significant temptations, but then the temptations will get very high for a few days, and then back to lower levels, and it'll repeat. Now during these times of high temptation, I've found myself fantasizing about sex from a first-person perspective some of the time, but also about P at other times.

    So my question is: how much is this hurting my recovery from PIED? Can you recover from PIED without having god-like control of your mind?

    So far I have focused mostly on just abstaining from the physical act of PMO, and to some extent I have tried to stop fantasizing when I catch myself doing it, but it's much harder than abstaining from the physical act. Am I not able to make progress because I still have vivid memories of P in my head sometimes? If anyone has had experience with recovering from serious PIED, that would be especially helpful.
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    My libido returned at roughly the day you're at now and before that I fantasised here and there - usually my mind wanders in the morning before getting up. Whether I'd have recovered quicker without doing so I don't know, really it's impossible to say but the important thing is that it didn't stop me from recovering. Keep doing what you're doing, maybe occasional fantasising has a small(1-2%) effect on reboot but as long as you don't allow it to lead anywhere then I wouldn't place much importance on it.
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    Really bad. It has been shown in studies that thinking about the addictive substance is almost near identical to actually using it (in the brain though, im not comparing body-like changes due to heroine use or something). The thing is, when you think about your addictive substance, or experiences of it, you are firing up the pathways linked to the addiction, and thus keeping them well in place and strength. The point of abstaining is to weaken the neurological pathways so they will grow smaller over time and won't be able to 'take over' your brain anymore. But as I said, studies have shown that just thinking about the addiction will fire up those pathways, thus keeping them well in place. Neurological pathways only diminish and grow weaker of you DON'T give them attention. That is also why you 'unlearn' things you haven't done in a very long time, because the pathways were not maintained and thus started to diminish.
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    So have I not made any progress because of P thoughts every now and then, even while abstaining from physically PMO-ing for two months? How can I stop this and recover from PIED if thoughts come into my head uncontrollably?
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    Only marginal progress. Most progress will be because of:
    1. no more prolactin overdoses due to orgasms (look prolactin effects up, they suck. it's basically the worthless, lazy and empty feeling you get afterwards)
    2. stabilization of hormones and endorphines
    3. clearer mind and more rest to the mind
    4. slight stabilization of dopamine since thinking of porn is much less demanding and pleasurable than actually engaging in it

    BUT, your progress has only been small. You NEED to clear your entire existence of PMO to truly heal. Many guys do 120 days NoFap, see no results and then complain that NoFap doesn't work. Then I ask them whether they truly abstained, and then they tell me "yeah no i just watch sometimes and i think about girls all the time if i dont have porn", and i'm like: you no figure that you don't see results... you just replaced one source of porn with another. You fell into the same trap. It happens to many of us

    Please remind me tomorrow to come to the second part of your question. It's late and I need sleep for my exams tomorrow xd
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    Well said.
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    Thank you for your reply. I have no doubt that kicking the physical habit of PMO has been a big step in the right direction. But it seems it will only get me so far, and now I have to kick the mental side of it as well. I have not gone as far as to watch any P but I have had vivid memories and mental P flashes, and I have unfortunately seen some explicit images here and there, though nothing I would have used for PMO in the past; it was more clinical-type images. Still, I need to find a way to purge the fantasies and P thoughts. It seems the fantasies come during periods of high temptation. It's been a few days of that every few weeks or so.

    Only because you asked me to, here's a reminder to answer the second part of my question. :) All the best.
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    Thank you for the reminder.
    You can recover even without god-like control. You don't need that. You just need to do all you can to weaken the neurological pathways connected to PMO use. You do this by starving it of attention. do not think about PMO, do not engage in it (f*cking obviously) and learn to redirect the energy that is now replaced by not engaging in PMO activity.

    Trust me, that last part is imperative. You will find even after 1 week that you will gain much more energy and power. You NEED to redirect that power of you will fall back to PMO to let go of that energy. The energy must flow. That is why guys who do NoFap and stay home and do nothing else, will ALWAYS relapse. They will get their old power, their innate power, back from abstaining from PMO, but then they have no outlet and the urges will redirect that energy back to PMO, and thus your cycle of improvement is broken and you lose all your power again. And then the horrible feeling of restlessness, fatigue and numbness returns... And then you're back in relapse-mode for who knows how long until you break out again.

    So the most important thing is to fully engage yourself in new activities. Starve the fuck out of PMO. It will have no chance. It will remain a servant of your will until it has become so weak that it's voice shall never be heard again.
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