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    Currently an 18 yo male in the process of overcoming pied. Starting PMO at age 12 and have had on and off pied (mostly on) for about 18 months... currently on day 41 of no PMO and I'm just looking for any input or things that are good to know while partaking on this journey! Thank you all!
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    Hardcore pmo addict since 15yo and now im 30yo here! Already clean from pmo 8pmo after a years tons of relapsing and struggling but here i am feel like a real man feel much better and i can having great sex with my girls for 30minute that something that not happed and belive i cant believe i expreincing it right now! And so many other benefits also!so i believe you can heal and everyone can heal and quit pmo its the undetstanding that pmo will destroy our life.body and soul that can motivate us to quit! Goodluck kid!
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    I too am suffering from PIED and the best tip I can give you is: Grow axcustomed to your limp penis! Really like try to enjoy the sight of your limp penis - not stimulated by the artificial lies of arousal that is porn. Because if you get into a flatline (not all of us do, but most) you will need to be able to handle your penis being practically dead! You may think "oh well without an erection I can't fal - that's easy" but if you haven't head the slightest of erections - not even a semi when you make out passionately with a hot girl - for weeks it really starts bothering you until you'll do anything to see your penis erect again! And the fastest way is not to continue to go through what could be months of rebooting but to just fap. Prepare for that moment! For real!
    Also read through yourbrainonporn.com for all kinds of tips and important information.
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