PIED or Hangover?

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    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to get ya'lls opinion. I've been struggling with pornography addiction for a while now, had many PIED times in the past, however, the last few times I was with women I had no problem getting it up. However, this time around something happened... I had gotten back from a night out and ended up with this girl in bed, drunk, and we made out and got pretty far and I had no problem with getting an erection, however, we went to bed. Next morning I wasn't feeling great, but I still wanted to make something happen, so I made some moves and I just couldn't get completely turned on. I wasn't very horny in the morning, and an erection just wasn't happening with me having a headache and a slight stomach ache.

    I want to know if ya'll think this is more related to my PIED and addiction to pornography, or if it isn't unusual to not be aroused early in the morning after a night of binge drinking.
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    That could be the reason. It seems that you didn't really want to have sex, but impress yourself and the model in your hug. When we are forced to have sex, it's common for our hydraulic pumps to trip...

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