PIED or Peyronie’s? PLEASE HELP!

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PIED or Peyronie’s?

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  1. Silent Eyes

    Silent Eyes Fapstronaut

    Hello all,

    I’m worried I may have peyronie’s and I wanted to get some other opinions before calling a doctor in the morning. I think I only have 2 of the 6 signs they said are linked to Peyronie’s. They are as follows:

    1. The penis curves when erect (No)
    2. Shortening of the penis (Possibly?)
    3. Narrowing or "hour glass" of the shaft of the penis (No)
    4. Lumps in the penis (No)
    5. Painful erections or pain during sex (No)
    6. Soft erections (Possibly)
    I visited a doctor back in February to make sure I was okay and he said everything was fine as far as hormones went. And when he physically checked me, he said he didn’t feel anything wrong. I think that because I’m only experiencing two of the symptoms that this is just PIED, but I’d like to get some other insight for peace of mind and clarity. I’ve already decided to call a doctor in the morning to make sure it isn’t and possibly meet with a urologist.
  2. Peyronie's is a genetic/structural issue. I think it's to do with scar tissue in the penis. You'd know if you had it - your dick would curve markedly off to one side, and it'd be painful, like the tissue inside it was being stretched too far when it got hard.
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  3. Weetabix

    Weetabix Fapstronaut

    Call your doctor and discuss it with them, to me it seems like PIED, but I am no doctor so I can't say or do tests to look into the peyronies. Just visit your doctor and if he has found no evidence leading to peyronies then it'll be your PIED. Just keep yourself away from anything sexually related, give your brain a rest from it all, it'll be tough, but find ways to fight it.
  4. Silent Eyes

    Silent Eyes Fapstronaut

    Hey guys,

    I think yesterday I was just a little panicked. I don’t think it’s Peyronie’s either, but I made a doctors appointment so I don’t jinx myself. In the meantime, my reboot is gonna continue. No more PMO for me!

    Thank you.
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