PIED , Sildenafil Pill, Conditioning Erection , Performance Anxiety !!

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    I'm completely new to this site , and I don't know i'm asking my question in a right forum or not.

    I'm 35 years old which had PMO for 12 years, I used to get erection with watch P and simulate my nipples , every time !

    Now I realized I can not get an erection with normal simulation , and there must be nipple simulation to get an erection ( with the help of a 25mg sildenafil pill).

    ** I have some random morning woods , sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

    So , I realized my brain is rebalanced and decided to do NoFap , I did it for 21 days , it was awesome , and then I was in a sex situation with a partner , I was surprised , I came in 30 seconds just with touching !!!

    Than I was really depressed and try to PMO again for two weeks !!

    Again I decided to NoFap and did it for 14 days and try to have sex(with sildenafil pill) and I didn't get any erection(very weak and temporary) ! But still morning woods happen(sometimes).

    I think my problem is my mind which is not getting aroused !! I have mentally no libido , but sometimes high libido(few hours some days) , completely unstable libido , erection , arouse and desire !!

    I realized sometimes I'm not aroused even with my favorite Porns ! sometime very strong desire to them, really bad situation with no stable behavior make me worry and because of all these issues I got performance anxiety , every time I want to have sex I'm anxious and my armpits and my hand get wet because I'm always concern about my performance in bed.

    ** I have very random desire to the Porns categories , sometimes aroused by Transsexual categories , sometimes arouse by lesbian , sometimes with a straight categories.

    ** I do workouts and have a healthy life style , but it does not helped me at all !

    I really appreatiate any help , suggestion or experience.

    Thank you.
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    Go 90 days and more. Do not look at any sexy images not even Instagram or bikini pictures. I had PIED for years and bad performance anxiety from it. You need to stop for at LEAST 90 days with no stimulation. It will work. I used sildinifil pills after my reboot to help my performance anxiety and it did work to help. Now I don't use them at all and would recommend not using them at all unless you can't get over your performance anxiety after a long reboot. Good luck! Rebooting works!
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    Your situation sounds very similar to mine - if you want an accountability partner, hit me up!

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