PIED - Why Am I Smaller?

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    I have been doing nofap since Jan 2018, when I discovered it. What brought me here was my ED. I have had my ups, but mostly downs. Watching porn hasn't been a problem at all this year compared to last year.
    However, after my first long streak(82 days) in 2018, I noticed my dick felt a lot thicker. This was only temporary for 1-2 days though. I just went through a similar streak and had the same thing happen. My dick used to be around 6inches. Now, it is barely 5inches. After my long streak, it felt a lot thicker and not fully erect and it was around 5inches. I was unable to get a full erection. This only lasted 4-5 days though and my dick went back to 5inches erect, instead of 5inches soft.
    I'm freaking out a bit and feel as if my dick will now always be at 5inches and my dick will take many more years to recover to get up easily and consistently.

    Anyone else deal with their junk being smaller? Is it permanent?
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    How small is it? Does is shrivel up and recede into your pelvis like a small turtle head?
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    You need to measure bone-pressed-erection-length (BPEL), as this is the standard tracked on most Penis Enlargement forums. The numbers you posted @Mekk-Knight are ambiguous. Tracking flaccid size doesn't mean anything. You should then learn about tissue deformation theory and about the suspensory ligament of the penis. Your penis doesn't change permanent size (length nor girth) on its own, in adulthood, without repeated mechanical stress applied under heat. The only surefire, semi-permanent penis enlargement techniques are jelqing and hanging. Other than that, surgical relaxation of the suspensory ligament, fat injection, or a penile prosthesis.

    Most likely, your erection quality has changed, giving you perceived penis size changes. This could happen for various reasons. Residual PIED, and weakened kegel muscles are my best theories.

    Some references worth checking out:
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  4. Fastplayer1

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    Erection quality is indeed very important. When I measure 100% erect my lenght is 7.2 inches, when less erected I can lose an inch or more. So the focus should be on getting a very solid erection.
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    NoFap -> Strong erection -> Full size
    I've got some help with magic pills at the beginning. So happy I've found "GET365VCL" :) in Google, and got V* . Good luck.
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