Planning for my first nudist beach experience

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by need4realchg, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. need4realchg

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    I am trying to figure out if I'm headed in a crazy direction or I'm being more "liberal" with my body because I'm more in control now?

    Last year i went looking for hedonist or clothing optional resorts.
    I was in cancun, it seemed like a good idea at the time... lol.

    well, I found a went to the closest thing to it, and apart from being crazy expensive, it was really cool. I think it was quasi-swinger, and gay, (not my thing mind you), but I was just checking it out by myself. The staff wore those tennis skirt things and one waitress seemed to suggest that she was open to more stuff, but another guest (female) beat me to it, and I let it go.

    Overall, after this, I wanted to challenge myself with going nude. I returned to the US super motivated to get in the best shape of my life, kick PMO, and go to the nudist beach with a very friendly chick I met on the plane a late last year while going to Costa Rica...yes this is a true story.

    So here I am about 4 months into my training, I joined the site to help with overall goals, and fitness awareness etc, but I'm rethinking some of what I envision happens at the beach....

    I assume someone here has wanted to, or done this and can give some counsel on what to expect, or if this would be just another SA behavior.
  2. Eleanor

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    Weren't you married? I think you really need to revaluate how much your marriage means to you because you're hurting a human being and denying her the possibility of finding another man that really cares for her :l better let her go and go on with your crazy life
  3. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    Yes married, and been separated for 5 years.
  4. xvtc ctvx

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    I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with a nudist beach. There seems to many different types of people that enjoy the experience. Some like me, went for purely voyeuristic titillation, I could not move from my towel because I was so intensely aroused and ashamed of my raging member. So I simply oogled and scanned the environment downloading the visuals for later fapping. But there are others that just enjoy a full tan. I think it really depends on how you approach it -- for hedonism and sex or to enjoy the sun.
  5. Theamos

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    Nude beaches and nudist places are not about sex they are about freedom from clothes
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  6. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    right on. I am using it like a challenge to see if I can handle being without clothes, it's more of a self-goal than a sexual thing for me, I had decided to do it by myself initially, but was open to company too.
  7. IGY

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    I am rather confused here. :confused:

    You say, "I'm more in control now." Clearly, that statement is dependent on what you were like before (I haven't trawled through your previous posts btw). On the one hand, it is great to hear that things are improving. But within the last 24 hours you have had cause to reset your counter. So, on zero days, you start a thread about having sufficient control to 'behave yourself' on a nudist beach! :eek: Unless I am missing something huge here, you have got to be kidding, right? o_O

    I think nudism is perfectly fine and healthy. But it is not conducive to rebooting your brain from 25 years of sex and/or porn addiction. I would encourage you to focus on your journey of recovery and put off such plans this year. Just my opinion. ;)
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  8. Randy

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    I have been to a nude beach twice here in New Jersey. I found that it was not as sexy or exciting as I imagined it to be. I have exhibitionist tendencies, so the idea of a nude beach is a big turn on for me. The reality is that it is no big deal. Nude became normal and I never got excited. It is beautiful in a non-erotic way though. If you are curious, I'd say just do it. It is no big deal, and you'll be better off when you realize that. Rather than make a vacation out of it, you may be able to find a local nude beach this summer.
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  9. Theamos

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    I was gonna say the same thing but an addict might make it more than it is
  10. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    I am sure I don't have the prize for "tried the most crazy stuff" but I have done lots and this present one, "nudist beach" is kinda a challenge for me to see if I can handle the challenge. Like others have said, I went to a clothing optional resort, and did for curiosity not for sexual fantasy; I'm kinda into conquering my lusts, hence my word choice of "control".

    As for restarting the counter, yeah I have a 1-day streak every day, (currently on day 5), and I'm not trying very hard, I'm just trying to connect and change how I feel about rebooting.

    I know there is that "phase" where you bare down, and fight, then when you fail, you binge, or give up. Well, after all that's over, I guess you try again, but with an "lighter attitude." That's where I am after years of fighting, I'm not too tired to fight, I just don't "hate this thing" as much as I used to because it's so damn invasive.

    Going to a nudist beach is on my bucket list, I'm not really thinking I am concerned about whether I get laid or not. Another one on my list is carnival, which again I missed this year... will have to go to another thread.
  11. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    exactly. I want to get to the point where it's NOT a turn on. So therefore not a temptation and I won't be allured by the prospect of nudity. Does that make sense? I know where I went last there, I was laughing because most of the nudity was from either fat, old, or gay folks. Not what I had envisioned, so it was kinda funny to see.
  12. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    Man thats really happening life, costa rica, cancun etc all the best man, visit india sometime
  13. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    ;) man, for real, I want to. India is on the bucket list; but the girls are not as open I was told... like as a non-indian; Is that true? I went to Guyana where there is lots of what we call "east indian" you probably just call them Indian.. but some of the best roti, for reaalllll!!!

    I love indian food, culture, history, actually my family is from Trinidad so we have lots of indian overtones... I would love to visit Goa someday... I'm sure i would have a good time yo :)
  14. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    Yeah thats true mate, indian girls are not generally that open but use tinder and you'll get your niche area :D , goa is filled with girls wanting to have sex with people.
    Goa has become ordinary now brother, visit lakshadweep or himalayas or try road trip in Rajasthan you'll see heritage.
  15. delhiboy

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    Man even we indian men are having problems. Girls here want promise to marriage first then they can have sex with you and that too if you are lucky, many girls even put false charges of rape on pretext of promise of marriage. Irony is our courts accept that and boy is charged with rape. Thats so fucking ridiculous thats why we have to stay careful here.
  16. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    If bpy deny to marry a girl and if they had sex in their relation before. She can file a complaint with police and boy becomes an offender/criminal. Our parents tells us to stay away from girls and keep pride high. India is indeed a nation of peculiarity.
  17. I go to nzdist beach and I dont care. There are ppl who dont care about u. Doesnt matter if u in a top shape like u said. U can have a man saggy tits and nobody gives a f. Go there if u want. Dont go if u dont. What actually u want to hear?
  18. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    I appreciate your attitude; I think I'm using nudism as a mirror to push myself to be in the best shape of my life, then conquer the shame that normally I heap on myself after years of PMO... think of it as a recovery plan then antidote to shame.

    That's what I'm asking. If I am taking care of my body to the max, then shame will be defeated; no?
    Not saying bodybuilders don't have esteem problems, I know they do, but why not converge these two and have good health, good body, higher self-esteem and conquer fear of being judged while naked?
  19. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    Wow. let me tell you a true story, I went to a hostal in Cancun earlier this year (nomads hostal chain) and the host/tour guide told us about one time a couple was in cancun for honeymoon. The locals (mexicans) were taking them to isla mujeres, just like they did us. well, about 3 of the tour guys went on one trip, and the couple who was there on their honeymoon, on like day #3 the husband and wife had a fight. The wife went to the pool and started to flirt with the tour guides. The guys said to each other, don't talk to that guest because she is here on her honeymoon; they were americans he told me... Well, she was drinking and threw herself on the guys, and one of them ended up going off with her. The next day, the hotel manager came with the husband and the police, they arrested the guy and he got 10 years for RAPE. Yeah... obviously the wife was embarassed and the only thing she came up with was that; so yeah, be careful for real.
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  20. delhiboy

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    Yeah man, its demand of time.

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