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  1. So i just bought a playstation 4 and i'm trying the hard mode/monk mode. I wanna cut youtube videos and movies but is it ok to play ps4?
    I'm really enjoying it so far, my last playstation i had as a kid, its cool to have one again.
    If you have a ps4 and wanna play and talk about nofap and stuff like that or have a friend, give me your psn account name so i can add you. Mine is The-Power-Slave- in case you wanna add me.
    What are you playing recently?
    I have red dead redemption 2, god of war, mortal kombat x, shadow of the colossus, horizon zero dawn, bloodborne, battlefield 1 and monster hunter.
  2. When I do fap weekly or bi-weekly, I tend to fap out of boredom rather than hornyness. In that regard, videogames may be a quality resource to keep you occupied during the times when you get urges. I will say however, that videogames are addictive, slightly less so because of the biological imperative of reproduction, but they are addictive. You are getting neat little chemical hits when you play games, just like PMO. It won't stop me from gaming tho.

    Also the only game that matters is Red Dead Redemption 2.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn is quite amazing IMO.

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