Plea to anyone younger with this addiction

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    Borrowed from a PM with someone who is working his way out.

    Just wanted to share with... Anyone..

    The sooner in the addiction that you stop the better.

    A day will come that... if you don't change... The ability to compartmentalize the dark passenger and the damage it's doing.... will be less and less... And the damage will be great. It will take more of a toll later and it'll be even harder to get out. It will catch up eventually, wear you down and you will be bathed in it.

    I don't mean to be preachy or over dramatic. But do not underestimate this monster. It will destroy you, one day, because that's what this addiction is... A destroyer of you, loved ones and ones you don't know.

    God if I could warn myself evenin my 20s or teens of what I'd become I would.

    Please.. Get the fuck out now. You may think you may have some control now. It's an illusion though. A lie to keep you enslaved without you knowing. When I was younger I didn't know, and when I started to Learn, I thought I had it "managed". I was fooled, I was lying to myself.

    Stop your addiction now.
  2. Great post and very true indeed. Never rationalise your porn use. Just fucking stop that shit as soon as you can otherwise you'll end up in a severe flatline for a year, two or even three if your bad. It ain't no fun.

    The strain it puts on your mind mentally is as bad as drugs if not worse. Its poison for your soul.
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