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    like WTF is going on i never typed anything like those suggestions before? does bing want you to have these questions in the back of your mind like advertisement? because i clearly typed past all of those suggestions. i think the suggestions are also highly inappropriate should never be suggested.
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  2. helpinghand4all

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    We are ignoring the fact here how intense sexual pleasure is for humans, we are ignoring that it is the same thing that puts animals against their own kind for a fight that can end their life, we are also ignoring people who crave sex as if it's elixir or water from fountain of youth, like I used to earlier, we are also ignoring how much hyped up is sex. So considering all the points above it's kind of that indeed too many people crave it and are curious about it so yes the autocomplete gives you the idea.
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  3. It's simple. Mankind's default is talking dirty, man makes the Internet. Immediately Talks dirty, lol
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  4. Demodectic

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    It shows you what a depraved society that we live in (2019). That the algo is suggesting that is because so many people have run those same searches.

    And yes, it feels better for the guy if the girl is tight.
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  5. Infrasapiens

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    I find it kind of funny.
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  6. Hank Pym

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    after seeing this I did same in the google chrome browser, same result. Even when I never have type those words in history.
  7. I find it kind of sad.
    The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.
    I find it hard to tell you.
    I find it hard to preach.
    The dreams in which I'm dying is a very very....
    Mad World.
    (piano solo)
  8. I find it hard to take,
    When people run in circles it's a very very mad world.

    But funny post :p
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