Please dear god do not masturbate.....What fapping did to me

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    Ok so, as a child and up until 7th grade- I never fapped. I was also a really fun person- I was good looking, had so much fun in life, literally every day was magical and really exciting, I had a really polar and fun personality.

    The summer after 7th grade, I fapped the entire summer. And in 8th grade, I had a new found social anxiety. Deadass, my exact thoughts were, "Why am I not funny anymore. Why is everyone else funnier than me?"

    Ok so, whenever I fapped, I actually tried to finish as fast as I could, I would try to force finishing (if u get it). This weakened my pelvic floor. Over a period of 3 years, I kept this habit up, and the result- weakened pelvic floor, bad skin, bad looks, depression, 0 social skills, just overall I hate life.

    One day recently, I tried to tighten my lower ab/pelvic floor area, and I noticed how much life seemed natural. It also helped me out with my wierd posture. I strongly think that having strong lower abs/Transverse abdominis/pelvic floor is literally a prevention for social anxiety and anxiety in general. Maybe only for me. Or not. When I artifically tighten it, i stand up straight, thoughts get clear, my senses (which used to be really strong) get strong, I am in the moment.

    If any of you guys heard of mewing/tounge posture, my weak pelvic floor made my tounge posture bad, because it essentially weakend my lower abs.
    (link deleted. But its from a Men's Health Article.)
    this source talks about how the tounge and stabilizing core muscles are connected. I weakend my stablizing core muscles, weakend tounge posture, and my face got messed up as I grew (i am 17 :( done with puberty barely and fucked up during it).

    Basically, STOP fapping, I did not use porn or anything, I am not talking about all other negetive effects like dopamine and stuff, this is all I noticed. And I have evidence.
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    I don't think that only fapping can cause social anxiety, depression and so on. Porn has different influence on brain than masturbation, dopamine flooding and overstimulation comes from Porn and that's where downward spiral begins.
    I agree that seminal fluid is essential to function in life, in society, to have drive for "more". But PMO, it's pure hell.

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