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Please give me some advice.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by coo, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. coo

    coo Fapstronaut

    I continue my nofap journey and today It is for 20 days.and lately I sometimes can't control my strong emotion like angry,depression,loneliness,anxiety,etc.

    Especially about getting angry!Before I started nofap, I rarely got angry against others.Is this a flatline?My dopamine receptors are reactivated,or just withdrawal?

    If it will goes on like this,I may escape to fapping...plz give me an advice.
    If you have some experience like this,It's pleasure to tell me how to overcome.
    I don't wanna give up.
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  2. hi. it's happening to all guys. I use exercise & vitamin D & Omega 3 to make my mood better. sometimes it works and sometimes not. after a while, you will use to the condition.
  3. desmond318

    desmond318 Fapstronaut

    It is probably withdrawal symptoms. It will go away eventually as you go on with your journey. Try not to immerse in negative thoughts for too long, or it will become a trigger. Watch the thoughts without following them, see the emotions come and go naturally. Hope you will get better soon.
  4. So it isn’t something that’s talked about a lot because many people never reach this stage. [they have alot of other things to overcome first] but I do have some knowledge about this.
    When going though the NoFAP reboot process there are peak waves of testosterone that causes mostly men to become aggressive primarily but can also effect all their emotions. This isn’t true for everyone. There are many factors that determine this but healthy physically active younger men especially this will happen when there has not been any sexual release for a longer period of time. It peaks around 14 days and then dies down, comes back again around 1month and then balances somewhat after that. There has been some graphing and data taken on peak testosteron but I don’t remember where.

    The verdict is still out on this as to whether it’s good for you or not. There is a point where the body will force a man to release his build up sexual energy/usually in their sleep, if it isn’t transformed into other useful ways; to create or work diligently towards a goal or project.

    There are various spiritual views on this too.

    I think rare release and ejaculation without porn is a much better way of living but dangerous because of the chaser effect. Using porn and regularly ejaculating is obviously the path back to addiction and problems. But masturbating is also the lesser way of using that energy properly. Like a leak. It’s much better to reach an energy state where you can properly utilize the surge in emotional awareness and drive and be balanced in those without needing to get rid of it. If the sexual energy that is not being transformed the right way it often happens there is night fall, emotional frustration and then typically relapse.
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  5. Sounds very much like withdrawal symptoms. The brain is throwing a tantrum inside your head because you starving it of stimulation.
    The brain does not know the difference between real intimacy and pixels on a screen.
    Like a child who cries because the parent's refuse to give him/her too much sweets. The parents know the consequences but the child does not understand.
    I know that is a simple example but its similar to our brains and the relationship it has with porn/fapping. The more addicted we are the harder we need to work in returning back to our normal settings.
    Just try to educate yourself on how the brain recovers itself from addiction.
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  6. coo

    coo Fapstronaut

    Thanks to give me many advice,guys.

    I think I couldn't control my energy that I got from nofap and as a result that energy was converted to the negative emotion.
    so I'll take this emotion positively and I'll do something to do like exercise,meditation,studying,etc...
    Thanks to everyone It may be I'll be able to continue this journey.

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