Please hear me out, need advice. Any comment is much appreciated!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Captain Average, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Captain Average

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    Hey everyone, Captain here.

    • Found out I have PIED after going to a hooker for the first time.
    • I fapped to porn since I was 17 but had no problems getting hard with my ex-girlfriends but we never went beyond 2nd base.
    • I felt like the lack of emotional connection was a huge factor too.
    But nonetheless, I always had this fear while rebooting (perhaps because of dead dick) that I would never be able to finish with a girl, and I'm getting very worried. It'd be nice to hear stories from you guys to keep me going! I've been on a 17 day streak and 16 day streak, those being my longest. And apart from that I've always binged after 3 days at most. I'm on day 4 now and I'm really looking to go all the way this time. Will I eventually be able to finish with a parter?
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  2. Hey Captain, have you looked in the Success stories forums? I've read a lot of stories where guys have successfully cured their PIED from giving up PMO. Just stay strong and be patient. Congrats on the 17 day streak, you'll get back there don't overthink things. And please stay away from the hookers. It's not worth it.
  3. Fork2323

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    So you had PIED while with the hooker? or after with someone else? If it was with the hooker it can just be your body rejecting the gross toxic energy she has and it not wanting to plug into that sewer.. There is a thing called Chemistry with a women. some girls i can just talk to on the phone and Zing im rock hard, others are like energy vampires and can suck your energy right out of you and limp dick.
  4. Captain Average

    Captain Average Fapstronaut

    I've read many PIED success stories, but what worries me is most of them have had sexual experiences prior to falling with porn . So my wiring to porn is much stronger . I also grew up with high speed Internet which makes it worse so I'm very worried
  5. Captain Average

    Captain Average Fapstronaut

    Yeah I lost my boner with the hooked but I can get rock hard just hugging girls I'm into. . I feel what you're saying
  6. Frühlingstimme

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    Hey capitain average,

    I'm no expert, I think I shouldn't give advice because I'm probably worst than you, but I've read some books and I think this Nofap reboot is to stop thinking about sex for a while.

    I say because of my experience, my longest streak was 31 days, currently I'm at day 17, and what worked well for me is not thinking about sex. Leave those questions for after the reboot, when you are fully healed from porn and masturbatory compulsion.
  7. HappyDaysAreHereAgain

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    It sounds like Stress Induced ED more that PIED, but the P experiences certainly wouldn't have helped. On one hand, nothing can be as good as a P scene looks, but on the other hand, any experience is better than looking at pictures or videos.
    It also sounds like you are on a good path, which means it will all work out well. Your plumbing functions, so after you get your head straight and you find your girl, you will be able to enjoy the relationship. In an intimate relationship, sex is so much more than going to the bathroom to relieve the pressure.

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