Please help................................ erection problem ? unsure (trigger warning)

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    (trigger warning for Fapstronauts, do not read, graphic, sexual, etc)

    Please guys help me with your honest opinion,

    Do I still have erectile dysfunction or not ? I don’t need a comforting anxiety releasing answer, that is weak and it won’t help. I want the plain truth in your opinion as my situation made me unable to know if I still have erectile disfunction or not. So please tell me... compared to, your... cock, if my cock works normal or not now ( I am sorry if it sounds gay but understand my pain )


    In 2017 I had a penis injury that caused me erectile dysfunction until mid summer 2018

    During this time I had great anxiety levels, depression and impossibility to have a proper erection

    After months of meds, warm baths, sport, no touch, meditation, I managed to

    Get a good sex session that lasted and made me feel that I am again a man, boners were back, etc.

    Problem is, when I masturbate, I no longer seem to know what „normal erection” looks like . Either my brain got messed up in my injury and forgot how the penis acts and looks normally when erect, or I still do have some ED at some level.

    Symptoms :

    I can get an erection but it does not seem full rigid erection to me like before. Why is that ? well, when I got healed I masturbated in a weird position (I was trying all positions and sorts of things to get erect), like this : on my back with knees up (above) and bended and I got an erection of rock hard, when I was getting up from that position on my feet, the penis was rock hard, I mean it was rock type from the top to the bottom, feeling it very tight on my body.

    Well to this day, I can get erections but compared to when I masturbate in that position (knees bended or let’s say squat / knees above my body ) my erections would be softer, let’s say

    94 % compared to 100 % rock hard erection that I can get when I masturbate in that particular position (knees bended). Curious, if I do masturbate like that and I get up, the erection will subside to 94 % in terms of 10 seconds. And if I do masturbate in any position and I get erect, when I switch to bended knees, I will get the rock hard 100 % in few seconds, but this will last only when I remain with knees bended.

    Questions : 1. Why is this happening ? is this normal ? is it not ? I do not seem to remember if I was like this before but I suspect that before I could get 100% in all positions. Or am I totally wrong and this is the normal way males get erect, with a super rock hard erection when they bend knees or put knees above the body !?

    Compare me to yourself and tell me how is normal, because I lost the track.

    Please don’t mention anxiety, I have managed with meditation, therapy, doctors to get relaxed in all situations, I feel no anxiety anymore, I am just curious if I still have a form of ED or this is the normal way of the penis to work.

    2. Also, I have tried to watch some porn ( no masturbation on it , no arousal , just watching the guys cocks erection) and have seen that in many positions those guys have soft cock, which intrigues me; isn’t the penis supposed to be rock hard in all sex positions ? because from what I see, in 69, doggy style, blow job from standing and the girl on knees , all these positions and many more will offer the guy an erection of probably 80% max. due to the angle of where the cock will enter inside her. So does that mean that actually some positions of sex are done with the penis softer ? example doggy stile, the penis will never point up but straight, etc. ?

    Also, I have tried the blue pill, even 40 mg, and it has changed nothing to my erection, it still behaves the same.

    Please answer to all my 3 questions

    Thank you so much if you got here, sorry for the long text, but I do need an answer

    Much respect

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