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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by RunForrestRun, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Man I'm thinking the same but it looks like she never had a boyfriend before. Or maybe she had and bad things happened. Because the way she acts is not normal.
    This happens all the time:
    We are sitting with her friends, I'm trying to open a conversation with her but she gives direct/short answers. Her friends are always like "why are you two not talking?"
    And that sucks. Because in normal circumstances, I can build a nice conversation. But she is closing herself to me.

    I hope things will get better, otherwise; I don't know
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  2. RunForrestRun

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    We handled our issues, now everything is going pretty well. We are getting closer day by day, sometimes I feel tired and wanna go home, but she keeps me with her.
    She always smiles at me. I'm hugging her when We're sitting together, holding her hand : )
    Even my parents figured the situation because I'm going home late, later than I used to.

    So things are very well for the moment. I'm not even listening Eminem or Metallica anymore i guess this side effect is the only bad one :)
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    I’m happy for you man :)
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    I was successful on nofap, I had no thought about fapping or so.
    But after meeting my girl, you know she is my first girlfriend ever (strange but she says I'm her first too). After just touching her arm for the first time, or holding her hand or hugging her, my penis is flying. She never saw that, but thats terrible for me.
    In our first close days like 10 days ago (i mean hands together or hugging etc), just an hour before we end the day, i used to have terrible pain in my abdomen. Just minutes later worst pain I ever felt on my balls. Thats terrible guys, i mean im with her and thats so hard to sit or walk or even drive a car. I told her that i have a stomach ache. First 3 days of this pain I didn't realize that this is all about having erection. And I was on nofap. In third days end, relapsed and the pain is just gone. Since than i used to relapse every day because if not, i get the pains again. Just because of this nonsense shit i cant stay clean, I dont want to relapse but its like i have to.
    And the strange thing is i really love this girl and never dreamed something sexualy about her. But this penis flying is just happening one way or another. And having sex with her is not an option, i dont want that, and really; that is not negotiable. She is kinda religious. I'm not but that is not a problem for me, actually i like this. Because she is not a short time girl for me. And im 1000% sure that she never had sex before, and ofc she is a virgin.

    Anyways I need your advice on this, how can i stay in nofap, if i dont relapse the pains will come again.
    When I relapse I feel terrible, i dont want to relapse
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    At least try to relapse but without PORN ! it would be better than nothing.
  6. Sofa King

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    My advice to original poster is to get some practice with hitting on girls. I used to be pretty smitten with certain women in my past and I was always wondering how they felt about me. This always lead to nothing and me feeling sheepish. As I have grown older I am a lot more forward which often does not work out but I keep at it until I make a impression on a girl and then a relationship follows. Early on while trying to break out of my shell I was to forward, asking girls out for a drink then inviting them to take a shower with me, and accepting their answer of “no”. I have worked on this over the years and have found a happy medium. I tried to kiss my current gf on the 2nd date as she was dropping my off at my folks home. She turned her head and said “what are you doing”. I said good bye and we didn’t talk for over a year, then she texted me and asked if this was still my number. Date number 3 we had sex on my rents couch. So be forward but not out of the blue. Strike fast and hard. Let them know your interested and be persistent. You will get rejected sometimes, sometimes you will get rejected at first and then form a relationship later. Ether way you will get practice and feel more comfortable approaching women, and when you do approach them you will start putting them on the defense and you will seem much more impressive.

    Ops just reread your entire post. That’s great you got he girl!!!
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    And this is where you put too much value on someone that is just as the same as you.. human.

    As someone who has the kind of same "problem", this shouldn't be a big issue.
    Befriend the girl you want.
    See where it gets you, do you like her or not.
    Show her your affection , don't be a half-ass and pretend like you don't wish to know her ;)
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