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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by FrenchWinner, Feb 4, 2018.

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    I'm for now on a HARD mode streak of 33 days beacuse i have severe PIED and i am 19. Everything was going well but yesterday there was a party in my boarding school where i live. I participated to third one and went to the toilet. When i opened the door, there was a woman being fucked by a guy and when i entered she was orgasming. I didn't hear before i enter because i was listening to music. i saw them a couple seconds i was shocked. When i returned to my flat i felt a huge anxiety and stress. I felt the dopamine rush. In fact i realized that it was more jeaousy than pleasure to watch them because i don't want to look at P-sub anymore since my reboot. since this event, i think every minute of that and imagine the woman i tried awever to struggle to these fantasies and i fear that it resets my counter.

    What should i do ? Have you any advice to help me get over this problem ?

    Thanks for reading
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    Firstly, that doesn't count as a relapse since you didn't go out looking for it, it was a wrong place wrong time moment so you shouldn't feel ashamed about that, there was nothing you could have done to avoid it, it was unfortunate.

    I can understand the jealousy or envy, i mean you were probably thinking 'I want to have real sex' then comes the doubt and the comparing yourself to the 'other guy' whom you were jealous of, 'what's he got that i haven't' etc. I would say that the experience is an opportunity to understand more about your emotions towards, sex, love and intimacy. Ie: is it porn you crave or actually is it intimacy and being close to another person? Intimacy is one of the casualties of prolonged porn use for many of us.

    The chances that you will witness this again i think are quite rare so put it down to a one off life event and see if you can learn any lessons from it as i mentioned above.

    I've been in situations myself where i've been out with friends and witnessed some guy smooching with some hot woman and often felt a bit of jealousy but the jealousy hurts you more than it does them, nobody enjoys feeling jealous. It will pass
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    Thanks pour your reply. Actually, I was jealous of the guy getting pleasure. but on the other side i am also jealous of him getting intimacy and "getting" a woman, i wouldn't lie if i affirm that i have quite success with women so i still don't understand why i'm jealous on this point.
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    Realize that one night stands can be as detrimental as PMO. The intimacy you saw was most likely induced by alcohol and an array of base impulses. Some of my absolute worst, guilt-ridden and remorseful mornings have been the result of casual sex the night before - to me they were just another high and a crutch and I've since stopped pursuing ONS.
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    Any other advices guys ?

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