PLEASE HELP!! PIED/PAED... Desperately seeking help need people to talk to and learn from

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    Hello, I am 32 years old and I am currently dating a girl. Back story, I was in a dying relationship from over 10 years the sex was great but the thing is we grew apart. Towards the end of our relationship I’ll say for the last 2 years of it, We wasn’t having sex often at all.

    During that time I looked toward PMO to satisfy myself. I have dated two girls since then. The first girl I had dated we would sometimes have sex with no condom and I would get hard and sometimes I wouldn’t. I often found myself, avoiding sexual in counters because I was afraid to fail. Now I am currently dating/seeing someone and when we start kissing, or touching in that way my penis becomes erect, but when it’s time to actually have sex or I know I am about to there is a flatline.

    I have even got as far as putting the condom on and then it goes limp right after. I have kinda convinced her that it’s the condom but I know that’s not it. When I watch porn my penis gets erect everytime sometimes it stays that way, sometimes it frizzes out when I’m not stimulated enough I’m guessing. Also the last time I penetrated with no condom on and I was doing nodal for like a week or two, I ejaculated pretty quick like in 5 strokes.

    Please some advice or help on the matter would be great. I just want my rock hard boner back. I don’t ever have to watch PORN AGAIN in my life!
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    The fix is simple. No porn. No masturbation. No orgasms. The standard template of time is to abstain from these for 90 days. I had the same problem as you, my penis would go soft right before having sex. It sucks. You also need to avoid looking at anything that would get you sexually aroused, videos, imagery etc. Your mind needs time to heal.
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    Thanks for your response. So what I need is a basic 90 day reboot. So what am I allowed to do while dating? Or that would be to hard to stay away from sex and being aroused. Do interacting with women makes things worse or better
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    intracting with real people is ok i guess
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    If you have to have sex during reboot it is better than fapping. Do whatever you need to do so you do not PMO. Good luck on your ventures.

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