please help... this is taking over my life

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  1. I've been a addict since age 13, Now I'm 17 and living with the side effects of my four year addiction. I learned about NoFap January of last year and I was amazed and was always contributing and helping other people out.... But that soon stopped and I began falling into relapse loops and eventually stopped visiting NoFap. After relapsing today I realized I'm wasting my life and that if I don't quit this addiction I'll end up alone with a job I won't like. I have big dreams and porn is stopping me. I'm tired of constantly failing, The school grades I had pulled up are now going back down, I'm falling into depression again, and life is going back to how it was last year before I learned about NoFap. I desperately need help, I don't know how to fix this... PLEASE HELP!
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  2. Hi, welcome back. There's a new challenge starting for March, I suggest joining that:
    PMO addiction is a real bastard. Don't give up. I really like this list of tips:
    You need encouragement and you need accountability. Get an AP and continue being honest about your struggles. We are here to support and uplift each other. Start contributing again.

    You are not alone.
    Good luck.
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    Keep on trying. Learn from every relapse. Visit r/nofap and for more resources and tips. Goodluck.

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