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Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by MMM9, Dec 30, 2017.

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    Hello guys!I started masturbating 5 years ago and i got used to masturbating really hard and quick (hard grip,3 minutes max and im done).I got addicted so i masturbated 2 or 3 times to day to porn.Recently i found a gf and i started noticing that sometimes my erection doesnt last long and i got worried.I got rid of porn and masturbation for a few days and it was better the next time we saw.Few days ago we tried having sex for the first time and i couldnt even get close to orgasm.I couldnt even feel much pleasure and now im worried a lot.When she gives me HJ or BJ i cant feel a lot too.Now I found this forum and my question is: Can i continue trying sex with my gf and give up on porn and masturbation or do I have to give up on everything for some time (cause i dont want to tell this to my gf).Thanks in advance!
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    Give up on everything for some time. Sensations will take a while to come back. Be patient. I suggest be transparent about everything. Hiding things will hurt you in some way or the other. In the meantime you can practice FANOS with her.
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    for me using a different kind of condome (maybe its more expensive) made me feel more. also if you stop watching porn and stop masturbate then it should be a lot better in no time! good luck! =)
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    How long have you been going out?
    It definitely is terrifying to talk to your girlfriend about it, but this is also a really great opportunity to build a stronger connection with her!

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