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    Hi everyone
    About saturday i notice that when i'm watching porn i still get hard (Jerk Off 2 times and second times quite limp) , Sunday i talk to a girl and got a message she send me a nude pic.
    At that time see told me to get a picture of my dick when it erect and damn i can't get it up . I was Scare as Sh*t , I told her that i had a flu and lately my body feel very tired.
    Next day i try to watch porn and still can't get erection
    Every days i used Vitamin D3 , Multivitamin , Oyster Extract , Zinc
    Yesterday i had about 300 Gram of Oyster and today i had better erection but not as hard as it should
    Today is the 4 days i haven't orgasm
    Please anyone give me advice how i should approach to this girl and how i should reboot myself
    I still exercise regularly
    Thank you all very much
    Porn had ruin my life

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