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    Of course any kind of addiction it's bad, my grandma used to say something I still use and think for somethings "everything in too much quantity is harmful" (kinda like that, idk how to translate).

    Since child my parents PROHIBITED videogames in the weekdays. (except in holidays and vacations, sure, AFTER doing any kind of homework and schoolworks), this until half of high school, where me and my brothers got used to it, and we took it as a 'everyday's duty'.

    Throughout the time I could realise how different would be if I were allowed to play whenever I wanted, this made me search things to do, playing at home with toys and mainly to go outside and play anything with friends, a lot of sports by the way, and constructing a network and real social relations. This helped me a lot, I'm sure it would be a very different me, because I know that I wouldn't go outside, I always loved and would be playing instead of much things.

    I just don't know if it was the best way to do, because at weekends, sometimes, I used and wanted play more than anything in this world, sometimes not going outside to play with friends or doing homeworks as fast as possible to play. Maybe quite a few hours to play (1-2hr) per day would work, but I don't care about it, maybe when I have a child, which I'll CERTAINLY do something like that, to moderate.

    And incredibly I still do (most of the times) and think like that, just something I wanted to adopt in my life, giving priority to real life, an activity preferably on weekends, when I have no obligations anymore.

    Just a way to think and a way to moderate the thing, in this case, videogames. But never prohibiting, this and almost anything, videogames are an awesome tool to learn, meet people and so much, we just have to moderate in my point of view, and anyways, it's very nice to see diferent opinions and talk about it, which may be an addction, thing most we know how bad is.
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  2. I actually appreciated it since you spread my message.
    God bless you anyways.
  3. Video games are alright in moderation, but when day turns into night and you're still staring at your monitor playing video games, while ignoring your obligations that's where problems start.

    I find it awesome, after a busy day knowing that every important thing i was supposed to do is done, i reward myself with cold beer and some video games. And actually, its even better when i play video games with my friends, this just brings the joy to the next level.
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    Shouldn’t “Satan” be capitalized because it is a name?
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    Out of curiosity, what do you consider to be a worthwhile expenditure of time?
  6. i agree.
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    I never had enough time to play.
  8. Television, coming on here, phones, money, is no different in my opinion. I totally agree. It is wasted time. My opinion is learn to become one with nature again. Of course I am still working out that so I would be a hypocrite by telling you to do the same. I do however, feel that's the best approach to take but it kind of sucks when society doesn't think so, and everyone just goes about there day not thinking about real worth.

    Entertainment through movies, games, music. Yeah I get it famous people. We all like to show off. We want to rise above and get fame. I think enough is enough after some time though. HUmans like to show off. We all do. Who doesn't want to feel like they are something else out there. My point is this: If we can do all these things, why can't we do the simplest thing and become one with nature again? We've lost ourselves in pure imagination.
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    I can hear what you say. Something running through my mind is that I have overindulged on these various forms of entertainment over the course of my life. While others don't need to move away from this stuff, I believe I do. All the games, movies/TV shows and songs start to blend together.

    It is a good idea to take off the rose tinted glasses when thinking of getting back in touch with nature. Nature can be cruel, why else would people have escaped into entertainment?
  10. I'm lucky I guess, videogames get me really bored if I play them more than 1 hour straight.
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    I've seen threads here asking how one can quit music, as well. I think it's weird that this forum has gotten to the point where we think leisure is an addiction.
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    "Did I just catch you having fun?!"
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    I had fun once, it was awful
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    I think that was a troll but I could be wrong
  15. His nick is @Soldier of God, his signature has bible quotes in it and his avi is (presumably) himself kicking the devil. What do you think he'll answer?
  16. Lol that reminded me of my dad. When we were kids he used to pretend that we weren't allowed to have fun, so when we had friends over he would burst into our rooms and be like "hey! Are you guys having fun in here?!" And we would say no, and he would say "good!"

    Good times.
  17. Nope, precisely it´s rather a title or role description than a name for itself. But if it would be used as a name, you ever saw "Jesus" capitalized around here?
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    Wait Thats Illegal 07042019142604~3.jpg
  19. Jumping from one extreme to the other isn’t healthy or helpful. Have fun with that.
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    Everything has a cost.

    If playing video games at the expense of taking time away from something else is worth it to you, go ahead. It's your life.

    If later on you regret spending time on video games because of its future consequences, then you only have one person to blame.

    Same goes for whatever you choose to spend your life's resources on.

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