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Please some suggestions for some music to listen to on a treadmill

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Nick1918, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Nick1918

    Nick1918 Fapstronaut

    I am suffering from what I once heard a chick describe as " ipoditis" Basically I am sick of hearing the same songs over and over. I use a treadmill for 45 minutes just about every day . I do not really like techno, or country music ,and as for Rap I do not consider that to be music.
    I like rock music mostly Stone temple Pilots Alice in chains Rammstein that kind of stuff .I like to discover new songs by bands that I have never heard of before a couple of recent examples being " reunion" by m83 and " star roving" by slowdive. Both are perfect for listening to on a treadmill when you have it set on 10 and you think your lungs are going to explode. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you
  2. Justin Beiber ?

    Okay, Metallica?
  3. I listen to Panic! At the Disco while I work out most of the time. Gets me pretty pumped up. I have their album Pretty Odd. on my phone, and I just play through the whole thing.
  4. I listen to Neffex on YouTube... Got a lotta stuff for working out!
  5. Lol I thought this said "I listen to Netflix on YouTube." I was thoroughly confused.
  6. Atreyu’s new album is pretty good.

    Flaw is great, especially their song Conquer This Climb.

    Some other favorites:

    I Prevail
    Gemini Syndrome
    Highly Suspect
  7. MusicMakingMonk

    MusicMakingMonk Fapstronaut

    I know you said you don't like techno, and fair enough, it's not for everyone, but what about Drum n bass?
    There's 2 good playlists on spotify, one called run n bass, and this one right here https://open.spotify.com/user/jaime33/playlist/7pfCE3AUn1Fua66xP5Aeut?si=0cyB68DJSXeoXGfGk3oo1w

    The high tempo's and throbbing basslines always give me a lot of energy for working out, might work for you.

    But since you're more into the rock/metal domain I'll give you some reccommendations on that too!

    Ramage Inc. prog metal
    Daikaiju future/surf rock
    Frank zappa, weird ass rock, check out the album sheik yerbouti, has some nice speedrock
    Guthrie Govan -erotic cakes. Really good guitarist, shreds like hell, prog rock
    King gizzard & the lizard wizard : Psychedelic rock. Nonagon infinity is a good start for their heavier stuff. They also have nice mellow jazzy albums too though

    If you like Jazz, reply and I'll send you some of favorite hyperactive jazz albums hehehehe
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  8. My running list: Unwound (songs from Future of What and New Plastic Ideas), Native Nod, The Van Pelt, Fugazi’s “Greed” and “Turnover”, “Distilled” by Blonde Redhead.

    If you’re looking for more stuff from Slowdive, my favorite songs when I’m running are probably “Slowdive” or the live version of “Crazy for You”. Also good at the gym these days is MBV’s “Soon”, The Telescopes’ “Celeste”, Moodoid’s “Le Lac d’Or” and “Je Suis la Montagne”. Lately I listen to Sonic Youth and Stereolab when I run, too. So much great music out there.
  9. Sounds like you like stuff from the 90s. I like to workout to anything from tool or the deftones. Some of the drum progressions in tool songs will push you to your second wind and beyond.
  10. She just likes to fight ~ Four Tet
  11. Why is that? You can always have an opinion, there's no problem with that. It is perfectly normal to not like something, but to not even consider rap as a genre is just ignorant.
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  12. drac16

    drac16 Fapstronaut

    Listen to Lacuna Coil. They have a lot of good songs. They're a goth metal band.
  13. Nick1918

    Nick1918 Fapstronaut

    " Ignorant" for having an opinion thank you so much . Does your mouth bleed every 28 days ?
  14. Nick1918

    Nick1918 Fapstronaut

    Thank you very much for all the replies I will check them all out it is much appreciated .

    Good luck to all in kicking the bastard PMO in the nuts .
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  15. lolos

    lolos Fapstronaut

    big ups for king gizz
  16. lolos

    lolos Fapstronaut

    you could try ty segall and thee oh sees
  17. Throw that useless device in the trash. You can listen to birds singing while running outside.
  18. Son_of_Iroquois

    Son_of_Iroquois Fapstronaut

  19. Govan was born in my town and I absolutely love zappa!!!!!!!

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