please someone find a solution (very werid)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Zillion

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    Hello guys.. hance I dont want to waste your time by explaining the whole story so let me get to the point..

    I`ve been struggling with anxiety issues for past 5 years so far, I used to have pure OCD (repeatively thinking, ruminating about things insie my head)..

    also had other assosiative problems such as physical symptoms, anger, irritation e.t.c..

    after starting meditation and regulating my life with both productivity and discipline now I feel lot better (also taking appropirate medicines consulted by Psychiatrist)..

    Now I get weird and completely disgusting feelings such as humiliation, upset, agression e.t.c..

    whenever I encounter flickering of lights (either tubelights or LED, none of them fixed my problem)..

    I`m not seeking for psychological related solution, just tell me how to fix and what is the cause of flickering of lights??

    Ive even tried by plugging into voltage regulator, none of them were worked..

    Can I able to fix this issue by connecting lights from backup (UPS) source instead of direct electricity??..

    Please guys, I need to completely eliminate flickering issues

    BTW flickering happens everywhere in both my house and other places (college, tutorial, hotel e.t.c..)

    atleast fixing this issue over my house will be lot helpful!!
  2. DerSchütze

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    Do all lightbulbs flicker for you?
  3. properWood

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    You'll not be able to control the lights in the supermarket, so probably look for a psychological solution.

    But before that, get in touch with the psychiatrist and mention the side effects. He may want to change the medication. Personally I'm against any type of brain chemical balance altering medication, but hey, we're living in a free world.
  4. selfimprovement8008

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    rapid solution is to not stare at them and if you do use 1 or 3 second rule and move on about the day, solution is also to buy lamps and a decent amount of bulbs and store away from line of vision, associate lights as means of productivity and positive vibes associated with brightness of the light.

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