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    Rest of blockers: here

    Moderators, please don't move this thread somewhere else, because it doesn't belong to the "Porn Addictitwitteron" sub-forum. It doesn't discuss the science behind porn addiction.

    *Blocks browsers other than Chromium based browsers as Chrome, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, etc.
    *IE, Opera, etc will be blocked.
    *Works even if you are using a VPN/proxy extension.
    *Nearly impossible to bypass. You'll have to wait for a certain amount of time(delay).
    Important note:

    Your best friend when using pluckeye is this command:
    pluck repair

    If you get the following errors in your browser while using pluckeye, try pluck repair then restart the browser(not PC) and it should get back to work:
    pluck block early
    DNS Probe errors
    Getting started:

    Download and install pluckeye:

    For macOS users.
    For Big Sur and later versions of macOS, you'll need to follow these steps to be able to enable pluckeye's system feature:
    I highly recommend pluckeye for Big Sur and later versions even if you can't use the system feature.
    Plucky's system level hardening is not yet perfect on Big Sur+. You should not notice anything different except if you're really tech savvy. If that's the case and you want the system level to be super hardened just like on windows and Linux, you'll need to disable System Integrity protection on your mac.
    This could be done by booting up your mac into recovery mode (Command+R on macs with intel chips or holding the power button on Apple Silicon macs) From there, open Terminal and enter the following command:
    csrutil disable
    You're done, just restart your mac. You might also want to check out how to password protect MacOS recovery mode (later in this thread)

    -For macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, or older, you'll need to check out the following link as curl stopped working with https sites which means you won't be able to sync pluckeye configurations: (skip if you're on Catalina, or newer)

    Pluckeye blocks all images and videos on your browser by default. If this is your first experience with pluckeye, I suggest you use the following command to clear all pluckeye rules which includes the default rules which block images and also any other rules that you have added:
    -From start menu open cmd (Or Terminal if you're on OS X) and type this:
    pluck clear

    Now, there are several ways to block porn using pluckeye.

    -Online configurations and blocking huge lists of bad sites. (Highly recommended)

    1-Create and account on

    2-Login to (From Chrome browser or Brave and NOT from unsupported browsers)


    For the type, you have to select general configuration.
    For the name, choose something you can recognize, like "dell laptop config", for example.

    4- Visit
    and import the following to "laptop config":

    *flee porn hosts - experimental!
    *flee porn hosts - experimental!
    *Block unsafe search engines (This one blocks all search engines other than google)

    The following will block sites which contain porn keywords or the names of famous pornstars, porn producers, channels and studios:
    *Porn studios and porn keywords (flee word) (Please, if it blocks any safe site, leave a comment)

    *Nuke option for severe porn/internet addicts (optional):
    The classic configuration will block all images and videos on all sites and you will have to add rules to allow images and videos on sites that you use. If you decide to import it to your configuration "laptop config", I suggest you leave the pluckeye delay at zero so you could allow the sites that you frequently use without waiting. Then increase the delay after a few days.

    5- Finally, we need to make your PC use "laptop config"
    Note that this will replace your current pluckeye configuration and will delete all of the current pluckeye rules.

    On , click on your username on the upper right > Profile

    -Click on your device>Under "Configuration", click "change" and select "laptop config"

    Finally, you need to refresh pluckeye from the command line:
    From start menu open cmd (Or Terminal if you're on macOS) and type this:
    pluck sync

    Now the blocked list should be imported to your computer. Done!

    -Block sites as you browse:
    Click on the pluckeye extension in your browser

    select action: block
    select location: you could block the whole site or this specific page.
    select Media Type: Leave empty to block the site. You could select images to block images only. To also block videos repeat by clicking on the pluckeye extension and select videos.

    You could also use the command line
    *Block all pages on a site:
    pluck + block
    *Block only a specific page on a site:

    *Blocking images and videos on any site:
    pluck + block image/
    pluck + block video/

    -Filtering specific sites and social media (Telegram, Reddit, Twitter,etc) :

    *Google images and videos:
    -Block google images search:
    pluck + flee word tbm=isch
    -Block google videos search:
    pluck + flee word tbm=vid

    (You'll need to add the following rules because this page contains tbm=isch and tbm=vid and therefore will get blocked.
    pluck + allow
    pluck + allow
    pluck + allow
    There will be some images left when you do a regular google search (not image or video search). Personally, I don't think they could cause issues because the internet is full of similar images. If you want to block them anyway, import this:
    This one is almost useless, but here it is anyway:
    pluck + flee word The term you searched for is sometimes associated with nudity or sexual activity
    *Filtering Telegram:
    Two steps (It's recommended you use both):
    1-Download a filtered Telegram Client like:
    1-Cloudveil messenger:
    (all groups and channels blocked)

    (all groups and channels blocked)

    Only available for Android and iOS. PC/Mac version not available yet.
    This one is customizable and lets you allow/block specific users, channels and groups. Recommended.

    2)Filtering Telegram Web:

    1-Blocking global search on Telegram Web:
    pluck block selector .im_dialogs_contacts_wrap # hides global results on legacy version W
    pluck block selector .search-group-contacts # hides global results on K version
    pluck block selector .search-result # hides global results on Z version

    2-Block versions of Telegram web other than the K version while allowing all what is needed:
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block xn--80affa3aj0al.xn--80asehdb
    pluck + block
    pluck + block

    pluck + block
    pluck + allow application/octet-stream
    pluck + allow

    Allowing telegram invite links:
    When opening invite links, you'll need to allow the following url to be able to click on "Open in Web" and request access to new chats:
    pluck + allow

    3-Block the Telegram Desktop app and other alternatives:
    pluck + block selector .tgme_head
    pluck + block selector tgme_head_right_btn
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck +block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block

    pluck + block program telegram.exe
    pluck + block program telegram
    pluck + flee word kotatogram
    pluck + flee word telegram alternative
    pluck + flee word telegram alternatives
    pluck + flee word download telegram
    pluck + flee word telegram alternatives

    4-Optional: Allowing only the chats you want and blocking the rest.
    This means that you will have to wait for a delay to add new chats.
    Here is an easy way to grab all of your chats:
    1-Download "Export Chrome history" extension:

    2-Open and click on the first chat in the list.
    Then hold the alt button on your keyboard + the down arrow button (option button + down arrow on macs). This will scroll through all your chats. Wait till you reach the end of the list.
    3-Click on the "Export Chrome history" extension and Download as Json. Open the downloaded file, copy all of its contents to modify them. The following 2 min video will explain how filter the lines and import them to pluckeye:

    4-Important step: After your allowed url list is imported to your main configuration (subject to the delay of the main configuration), enter the following commands to block other chats:
    block text/html

    You'll have to use a URL of any of your allowed chats to access telegram. You could bookmark it.

    Now, every time you want to allow a chat add it to your allowed url list, this will keep your main configuration clean and organized.
    *Filtering reddit:
    A)Blocking NSFW subreddits:
    Open this link:
    And turn off Adult Content
    Then, add this rule which will remove the adult content switch. Note that rules containing the ">" character will require entering them directly by clicking on the pluckeye extension>rule>advanced>free hand or else they will produce errors in cmd/terminal. so enter this directly in the extension
    block selector #AppRouter-main-content > div > div._1OrNGmpfcSuSebbZM5vYq4 > div._3FVpvZ7OLbS_68QzaxplxT > div:nth-child(3) > div._1oREjd5ToMFah-VfX5Zt1z

    Or you could just block the settings page:
    pluck + block
    pluck + flee word You must be 18+ to view this community
    pluck + flee word nsfw adult content
    Finally, import this:
    B)Filtering reddit search. (optional when needed) :
    First, block the old version of reddit:
    Pluck + block

    The following selector rules have to be entered directly in the pluckeye extension>rule>advanced>free hand as the contain the ">" character and will produce errors if entered in cmd/terminal.
    Block all nsfw subreddits:
    flee word nsfw adult content

    Block nsfw results from reddit search bar
    block selector a._2LJ9gkn2k4DlHhF8C1QhF6:has(span._1wzhGvvafQFOWAyA157okr)

    Block nsfw posts from reddit search:
    block selector ._1poyrkZ7g36PawDueRza-J:has(span._3qUPSbrS00ULxlso5V3tIN)

    Block nsfw communities and people from reddit search:
    block selector .ei8_Bq_te0jjwNIqmk8Tw:has(span._3qUPSbrS00ULxlso5V3tIN)

    Block nsfw posts while browsing reddit:
    block selector .rpBJOHq2PR60pnwJlUyP0 > div:has(span._1wzhGvvafQFOWAyA157okr)

    Block nsfw posts if accessed from direct links, leaves comments:
    block selector .uI_hDmU5GSiudtABRz_37 > div:has(span._1wzhGvvafQFOWAyA157okr)

    Blocks nsfw posts if accessed from direct links, blocks comments:
    block selector .uI_hDmU5GSiudtABRz_37:has(span._1wzhGvvafQFOWAyA157okr)

    B)Alternatively, you could just block all images and videos on reddit.
    If you want to block all images and videos on reddit then select all of the following and paste them in cmd or terminal:
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    pluck + block

    -Filtering Discord:
    We're going to block images and videos on the browser version of discord ( except for users and channels that we need.
    1)Block images & videos on while allowing avatars, emojis and sounds:
    pluck block image/
    pluck block video/
    pluck block image/
    pluck block video/
    pluck allow image/
    pluck allow image/
    pluck allow
    pluck + flee word This channel contains adult content marked
    Block the discord app:
    pluck block program Discord.exe
    Allowing specific users, servers & channels using the URL in the address bar:
    allowing a user:
    pluck + allow

    The following is a URL of a channel within a server.
    To allow the entire server with all of its channels, allow the first part of the URL:
    pluck + allow

    To allow only a specific channel, allow all of the URL:
    pluck + allow

    I highly recommend that you bookmark an allowed user or server and use it to access discord. This will fix the problem of discord server images not loading.
    -Filtering twitter
    *Blocking images and videos on twitter:
    pluck + block
    pluck + block
    *Blocking twitter search bar
    Blocking these two selectors will disable the search bar (enter them in plucky extension>rule>advanced>free hand:
    block selector .r-1777fci.r-1pi2tsx.r-1wbh5a2.r-16y2uox.css-1dbjc4n
    block selector .r-16y2uox.r-18u37iz.r-1iusvr4.r-1oszu61.css-1dbjc4n
    These rules will block the search page:
    pluck block
    pluck block
    pluck block
    B)Chromium browsers built-in porn blocker:
    Restarting your browser is required to take effect.
    You could remove the rules by replacing + with -
    1- Porn blocker
    pluck + safesites
    2- Google safe search
    pluck + safegoogle
    pluck + safeplease
    C)If you want youtube restricted mode, use this:
    pluck + safeyoutube
    Remember that youtube restricted mode blocks some safe youtube videos and blocks comments.

    Idea from @skaterdrew:
    You could block
    This will prevent you from using youtube search but you could still use google videos tab to search youtube videos. So you could enforce google safe search which will filter the video search while leaving youtube unrestricted.
    C) Using pluckeye to enforce cleanbrowsing DNS:
    Requires system level (level 2).

    ****You need to change pluckeye's delay to zero. If it's not set to 0, you'll lose internet access when you block port 53.

    Locking a DNS will work on all apps and not just your browser, because pluckeye blocks ports on the system level.

    1- Change your Windows DNS server to cleanbrowsing family DNS ( and How to do it.

    2- Open cmd from start menu.

    3- Enter the following code:
    pluck + allow
    pluck + block port 53
    pluck + block port 853
    pluck + block port 5353
    pluck + block port 8443
    pluck + nodoh
    That's it! If anyone tries changing your DNS to anything other than cleanbrowsing, you'll lose internet access. We haven't locked our setting yet. Keep reading.

    C)Block applications from accessing the internet.
    Requires system level (level 2).
    First you have to get the name of the exe file to block. If you can't find it, you could use task manager and right click the application you want to block and click: go to process. Let's say the process name is Telegram.exe. Now, to block it from accessing the internet, you have to enter that in cmd:
    pluck + block program Telegram.exe
    if you typed: telegram.exe, it won't work as it's case sensitive.

    You might need to block more than one exe.

    D)Enforcing p0rn blocking Chrome extensions using Pluckeye
    1-You HAVE TO install the extension that you need first.

    2-Find the extensionID from the Chrome store URL. example:
    3-Use the following command (after you've installed the extension):
    pluck + require pgmjaihnmedpcdkjcgigocogcbffgkbn

    You could still remove the extension, but if you do so, all webpages will be blocked.

    Good extensions that you could try:
    This one is very similar to FortiClient. When you enforce it, if fixes a lot of loopholes that could be used to access porn. It works well with all VPN apps. It could filter Youtube videos by category but it blocks all embedded youtube videos so it can't be bypassed.

    Web Filter for Chrome
    This one uses SPIN browser website database to block porn. It blocks all porn and mixed sites automatically, including reddit and twitter. This one is very strict but I had to mention it because it works automatically without any need to set it up.


    You’ll need to add entries under Video Title to block videos containing specific words. (The following wasn’t written by me, I am just copying and pasting. Thanks for the help)

    Block/remove Video with jackson in title. Will also match jacksonssm:

    Will match if both ‘rude’ AND ‘word’ is present in title/channel name in any order.
    .* refers to any character/space. /i refers to case-insensitivity (will match both cases).
    So it will also match: hhott videoss, video hots, etc.

    You could remove .* from the expression if not needed. Example:
    Block/remove Video with tiktok in title. Will not match tiktoks.

    You could block the BlockTube extension page using pluckeye, so you can't change the settings:
    pluck + block chrome-extension://bbeaicapbccfllodepmimpkgecanonai/


    A great element blocker. Can block elements like Telegram search bar, Twitter search bar, etc.

    Update: Pluckeye now has a built-in element blocker.

    You could block the chrome store after you've installed all the extensions you need as there are some bad extensions on the store:
    pluck + block

    E)Using flee commands
    Flee rules scan and block webpages using keywords.
    For example, let's say that you tend to search for a certain "star". Let's call him jackie chan.
    So use this command:
    pluck + flee word jackie chan

    Any page that contain "jackie chan" will be blocked. Try googling his name.

    Be creative, you could use it to block downloading bad apps.
    pluck + flee word download badapp
    pluck + flee word badapp download

    Now, you won't be able to download that app. Fleeing the app name directly might block safe pages if the app is popular. You could block the app name without download for unpopular apps:
    pluck + flee word appname

    Useful flee words that you could use:
    pluck + flee word browser download
    Pluck + flee word download browser

    You could also use flee to block google images and videos completely:
    blocking google images tab:
    pluck + flee word tbm=isch

    blocking google videos tab:
    pluck + flee word tbm=vid

    You'll need to add the following rules because this page contains tbm=isch and tbm=vid and therefore will get blocked.
    pluck + allow
    pluck + allow
    pluck + allow

    F)Blocking elements in a webpage
    Plucky supports blocking CSS elements in webpages such as search bars, buttons, certain sections, etc.
    Blocking Telegram web global search(for k, z, legacy versions):
    pluck block selector .im_dialogs_contacts_wrap
    pluck block selector .search-group-contacts
    pluck block selector .search-result

    Blocking elements on
    pluck block selector ytd-rich-grid-renderer # home feed
    pluck block selector ytd-miniplayer # miniplayer
    pluck block selector #related # related videos sidebar
    pluck block selector ytd-masthead #center # search bar
    pluck block selector ytd-masthead # entire top bar incl. search
    pluck block selector tp-yt-app-drawer # left side navigation menu
    pluck block selector ytd-mini-guide-renderer # left side menu mini mode
    pluck block selector ytd-comments # comments section

    How to find and block CSS elements
    A)Using Chrome devtools.

    B)Using SelectorGadget extension:
    Protecting pluckeye settings
    Finally, we'll lock pluckeye settings, so you can't change them:

    Enable the system level "level 2":
    From the command line:
    pluck + system


    From the browser extension:
    *Click on pluckeye extension in top right corner in chrome, click on config and set "system" to "on". You must restart all of your browsers for them to work again.

    The system blocks all unsupported browsers automatically. So you're only left with browsers that have the plucky extension installed. It also allows you to block any app (discussed later).

    IMPORNTANT: If pluckeye blocks an app that you need. You have to learn how to allow it.
    1-Open the app that is being blocked
    2-In cmd/terminal, type:
    pluck verdicts

    This will show the blocking history of pluckeye, use this to get the process name of the blocked app. You will see that apps that are allowed have the word "allow" before their name and that the blocked apps have the word "block" before their name: Screenshot
    After you got the name of the blocked process, let's say it's name is Teams.exe, type this in cmd:
    pluck + allow program Teams.exe

    You could also use the help of task manager to find exes: right click the application that is being blocked and click: go to process. That's the exe that you want to allow. You might want to review the process list for more exes.

    To lock your settings you can use delay or expedite functions of pluckeye.
    Delay: To change the delay, click the pluckeye extension in your browser.

    Start with a zero delay for one or two days till you make sure all your apps are working on the system level, then increase the delay gradually. I personally use a delay of 3 hours, you might need more. It's also recommended that you add someone to approve your rules in emergency situations (discussed below). Also, remember that a long delay doesn't mean you're immune to relapses. Very long delays may even cause you to relapse, in cases when you have to wipe your system.

    To change the delay, click the pluckeye extension>config, then set the delay. Or you could use this:
    pluck delay 3h #sets the delay to 3 hours

    another example:
    pluck delay 45m

    Let's say your delay is 3 hours and you entered those rules:
    pluck + allow
    pluck + allow

    The two sites will be allowed after 3 hours. You could cancel the rules before 3 hours pass.
    This will cancel all pending rules (the 2 sites):
    pluck abort

    This will cancel the rule:
    pluck abort # remove from future

    You could also set the delay for specific changes. It's useful when you want protect certain rules from being removed:
    (Thanks! @Infidel.48 )

    Expedite: means a friend can approve your requests to change pluckeye settings or allow websites/apps so you don't have to wait for delay to pass. Also, other pluckeye users could approve your requests, if you join a cohort.

    If you want to use expedite: You must have an account here (you already created one): and ask a trusted friend to create an account.

    Then Invite your friend to approve your requests:

    Expedite function could be used in emergency situations when you can't wait for the delay or if you accidentally blocked all internet using pluckeye. This works best if you followed the guide from the beginning and created a configuration on and assigned it to your device.

    Let's say you want to allow a site and you can't wait for the delay.

    First, you allow the site:
    pluck + allow

    Then, you enter this command to send a request to your friend(s):
    pluck expedite

    Your friend will have to open >queue > approve the rules

    It's not over, yet. You have to refresh pluckeye on your PC.

    Using the command line:
    pluck sync

    Use expedite only in emergencies or you might end up relapsing.
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    Thanks man, it's incredible how much work you have put into those tutorials. They work almost perfectly for me, pluckeye is the best. I hope I'll be able to contribute this much one day!
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  3. sinner76

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    Happy to hear that!
    Agree. Without pluckeye's level 2, it's easy to bypass the blockers.
    Yeah man, together we could beat this addiction!
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    can pluckeye get unistalled??,many times when i get the urge i just unistall the porn blocker
  5. HardWorkOnly

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    how can i check if the black list imported to my pc?
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  6. sinner76

    sinner76 Fapstronaut

    in cmd:
    pluck export

    This shows all of your rules including your imported lists.

    If you want something specific to imported lists. Try this:
    pluck lists

    This will show you only imported lists
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    Hello i have a question about pluckeye,i added a delay of 1800sec (30 min),but after the 30 mins have passed the pluckeye keep saying 1800 when i type pluck delay.For some reason the delay is taking much more time.And my second problem is that when i have set a delay and i try to allow a website it says that the site will be allowed after 30 min,for example i have added a 30 mins delay,after 20 mins i decide to allow a site while still on delay,when i type pluck export it says that it will be allowed in 30 mins after i have added the site not after the pluck delay will stop
  8. HardWorkOnly

    HardWorkOnly Fapstronaut

    pluck when i try to change a setting while on delay it starts the delay over again for example let say i have added a delay of one hour at 3pm,when i try to change a setting at 3:30pm the delay will start again and it will go away after one hour that means in 4:30
  9. sinner76

    sinner76 Fapstronaut

    That's how it's supposed to work. when you allow a site, you'll be able to access it only after the duration of the delay passes.
    Why do you need to allow a site? Only bad sites should be blocked, if you followed the steps correctly.
  10. Bob12345

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    Hello xXsinnerXx. I deleted cold turkey and now I am installing it again. When I open the installer it says This installer is blocked. I think it is because I previously locked the installer. How do I resolve this issue
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  11. Hey. Thanks for the tutorial but I'm having trouble with step 5. I can't find my device after I click the link. it says "Devices for *my username*" but it doesn't show any devices for me to select. Can you help me out here?
  12. sinner76

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    Are you sure you're using Chrome to access
  13. sinner76

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    It's unsupported. You need a chromium based browser like Chrome, brave and Vivaldi.
  14. What about when the second method fails? upload_2021-3-18_21-56-30.png

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  15. sinner76

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    This configuration is a bit old. I could see you are using administrator cmd and using pluck.exe instead of just pluck
    Could you try again using non-elevated cmd?
  16. Hey man do you know wich server whatsapp uses for their image search so I can block this
    you get there via whatapp web, a group you're admin of, change group oicture, internet search
    that's a big one for me
  17. sinner76

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    I wasn't able to access that internet search. How do I do it?

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  18. upload_2021-3-20_13-14-57.png

    I just click on the image (but mine is german as you see^^)
  19. sinner76

    sinner76 Fapstronaut

    I didn't get that option.
    You could try that:
    pluck + block /image
    But that might block the QR code used to login.

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