PMO Addiction the worst addiction?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Powerous, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Could PMO addiction be the worst addiction especially nowadays?

    Because most people now especially kids that grew up with internet are so easily addicted to porn.
    The younger you get addicted the harder it is to break, I am proof I have watched porn since 8, but I got addicted when I was 12 when my family first got internet. Now I am 22 and I have been addicted for 10 years!!!
    And it seems to be getting harder and harder to quit.

    Some research and sources compare PMO addiction to crack cocaine addiction, some even say its even worse.

    I mean PMO is so easy to access and do, you have free unlimited videos on porn sites with extreme categories, easy to access click of a button new video more dopamine more boost, Can jerk off anytime at the comfort of your own home.
    Porn addiction itself is bad but with masturation and orgasm it takes a whole new level, you are wasting all your energy everytime. Plus the sheer number of people addicted to pmo, all my friends, my teen bros, cousins, literally every guy I have known well enough struggle with PMO addiction. One estimate was like 90% of men aged 13-40 with internet access have struggled with PMO addiction to at least watch porn few times a week.
    No surprise since more than 35% of the internet is porn traffic, or porn related searches and that the overall global Porn and Sex industry is over $100billion.

    The withdrawals can be really tough too especially for long term addicts like me, I went through withdrawals couple times and it was hell for couple months, extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, headache, insomnia, nervousness, no appetite, fatigue, just like any hardcore drugs withdrawal.

    But unlike porn crack cocaine, heroine, you have to have money and someone you know that sells it to get your fix, if you don't have money you cant access it. PMO is easily accessible 247.

    I have smoked cigarettes and drank before never got addicted, smoked so much weed and I may have been addicted buy it was so easy too quit.

    But PMO its like I have been addicted ever since I can remember, it is one of those addictions where it slowly sucks every living cell out of your body and mind in a gentle way that once you realise its a problem its already wayyy too late and it seems like there is no way out of this vicious cycle.

    What do you guys think?
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    I think the most addictive thing about porn is that it's like youtube, you're living your life through it. Sitting in front of computer, having sex, action, food from the fridge, only sometimes be called upon to do some work in some distant place to continue the existant in internet universe. Modern man is a cyborg, you like it or not.

    MO, then again, is an old problem. That you fix by first detaching yourself from virtual life and then doing it the ancient way;

    Fix thy eating habits
    Fix thy sleeping habits
    and ye shall master sexuality

    Nothing more to it. Sleep deprivation is really fatal and causes relapses. Eating not in proper times causes sleeping rythm to be in imbalance. Not doing the extra work to get the food to have it on proper times causes disturbance in eating habits. Doing enormous brain activity tires you, even if you're just sitting in front of computer, so you will not even think of doing the extra work. And you cannot sleep, because your body is physically not exhausted at all.

    It's logical. Add into this equation the factor that people drug themselves, sometimes with caffeine sometimes with medicine. You have a perfect, sleep deprivated, weak, drugged, slave of his desires at your command. Then they post shocking news every day to keep them distracted, so they never wake up. "Your mum was attacked by migrant!" "Bomb blows up in Oslo!" "Ten reasons why cats are the cutest of pets!". They produce shiny trinkets for you to buy with monopoly money that you gain from the work you have to attend to go get those shiny trinkets.

    All the evidence is there, it's just that people cannot see them, for the same reason people couldn't see Gorilla walking past the ball throwers; they're trying to count the amount of ball throws.
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    You found it easy to drop smoking and alcohol thanks to the dopamine you would get from PMOing.
    And yeah, I do agree that PMOing is, in my opinion, the worst addiction ever. I have seen lots of my friends get rid of years of weed and alcohol addictions, but their symptoms weren't anything close to "ours".
    Anyhow, I too suffer from the very same withdrawal symptoms you listed. AND I DO ATTEST IT'S A LIVING HELL.
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