PMO addiction will never make you successful

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  1. Despite what doctors, scientists and other so called (paid) 'experts' who have a dog in this fight say, neglecting PMO as a true addiction, it certainly fits the description as an addiction when it comes to becoming successful in life.

    If you're an addict and chasing a dream, you will fail. This addiction depletes the exact container you require to be full, to accomplish almost everything in life, family and romance, whether educational, entrepreneurial, artistic, athletic etc. You absolutely waste away the creator-seed, which whenever planted on fertile ground, creates life and creativity - and forcing your body to replenish, by using your vital energies.

    Now you may make your way somewhat through in your career, but only by having those NoFap streaks where you can still stay sane in between the relapses. That's how I got to where I am today, seeing sunshine whenever I pass a week and drowning in rain after a relapse, damaged but somewhat functioning. This crap is a living suicide just like alcoholism and drug abuse, and the sooner you realize it the better.

    This addicting lifestyle is here to steal your life from you. Ever wondered why the current biggest celebrities directly sponsors or inspires from this exact life-sucking industry? They have realized that they no-talent fake ass will be overtaken in no time, which is why they drug you with trademarked hypnotizing vulgarity through your timeline, radio and tv, which eventually will lead you to relapsing and to stale you. You may have just found this shit out, but they've known this for centuries.

    You where made for greatness and deserve the colors of life. Destroy your addiction. Your whole existence depends on it.
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    Thanks for this post. I was tempted To watch it again but nah, your post lift me up. Thanks again
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  3. You're welcome. Glad it worked! Only got the motivation myself, cause I found my true purpose a few days ago!
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    Same here. :) :) :) Keep it going.

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