PMO addicts vulnerable to addictive behaviour in general?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by magic05, Aug 2, 2020.

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    When I look at my addictions that I ever suffered from, without exception all of them started in my early youth (13-18 years old). I'm 30 now.

    I wonder: Do PMO addicts have a certain brain pattern that shows vulnerability to addictive behaviour in general? Or is it all just a coincidence?

    My addictions so far at starting age:

    PMO – 13/14 years
    Alcohol – 14/15 years
    Online news addiction – 16 years
    Gambling – 18 years

    I quit gambling after a few years. I quit online news just 6 months ago. So glad.

    I'm still heavily addicted to PMO and alcohol. Never overcame them so far. Trying hard.

    I tried weed in my youth too, but quickly refrained from it because it a) gave me a heart race each and every time and b) made me the horniest and most prone to PMO ever in my life. I didn't touch it since more than 10 years. I never touched illegal drugs either, because I always worried they would fuckin kill me quickly. If I start with that shit for just one single time, I know for a fact I wouldn't be able to stop.

    Now when I look at this, it seems like a pattern to me. It seems to me I have a brain that is drawn to addiction since forever. I have no external reason to turn to any drugs and addictions. Perfect childhood and everything. Constantly I ask myself: "Why did I end up where I am now?". "Why do I live this miserable life even though I had all the financial and emotional resources to live a perfectly normal life?".

    It makes no sense at all. And still 50% of my life is filled with addictions.

    I wonder, is there any scientific research/backup that explains why people are so drawn to addictions while others are not?

    Do PMO addicts have a brain pattern that shows vulnerability to addictive behaviour in general? Or is it all just a coincidence?
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  2. thekid17777

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    I think it's a dopamine thing. Your brain gets so "numb" to dopamine spikes from all of the stuff you are addicted to, it constantly is chasing more and more and more of it and until you hard wire it (hence the concept of NoFap for pmo addicts) we will always have addictive behaviors.
  3. oryxcrstl

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    For me I was first addicted to video games (11) then PMO (13)
  4. Hardwork11

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    news addiction.who gets addicted to news?

    i am addicted to
    pmo for more than 20 years.
    chewing tobacco 2 years
    smoking 16 years.

    i quit all tobacck cuz it gave chronic bronchitis.
    i am trying to quit pmo with out adverse effects.
  5. oryxcrstl

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    i have complusivly . sometimes i find my self just mindlessly visiting a billion different news websites not even reading the articles just the headlines.
    sometimes out of habit I'll just alt tab out of whatever im doing and go to a news website lol
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    Depends how you define addiction, just because you spend a lot of time doing something you enjoy doesn't necessarily mean you're addicted.

    I sunk a ton of time into gambling and video games, two activities that are recognised as being addictive but at some point I quit both and thought nothing of it. I didn't have to stop myself from doing either, I just didn't really want to anymore and that was the end of it. Porn though I keep trying to quit and despite knowing how much it's affecting my life I still keep going back. The fact that I'm trying to quit is on my mind constantly, I get horrible withdrawals after a week or so away from it, I read help forums like these practically every day, I even quit the internet entirely just to put some distance between porn and myself(didn't really work). Porn addiction isn't real though apparently, I just wish my brain would get that message.
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    I would say that anything that you know is bad for you, that you try to quit multiple times, without success, is probably an addiction.
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