pmo - all chemical, no feeling?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by jobbyj, Aug 28, 2017.

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    Hi all,
    Been fighting this a long time, but feeling psyched in engaging in this forum and feeling the community encouragement.

    Have a question - when you fap with porn, do you feel much in your cock. yes you get hard and get some sensitivity but is it much less than what you expect or imagine? this was a reveal for me - read it months ago and noticing it more and more (not now as i am hardmoding), that this fapping thing i have bedn doing fir so long ... doesnt even give me physical pleasure ... its all neurochemical driven.

    Maybe i am babbling but hope this makes sense, keen to see what others say
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  2. jobbyj

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    To add, this has helped my motivation, makes me want to really feel normal....not sure i ever have
  3. I like this post very much.
  4. jobbyj

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    thanks, can you relate?
  5. Well, I have this bad habit of clenching when I O so it maybe affecting how balanced my orgasms are but I do notice I don’t get the body and mind orgasm, now it feels more like a need to do in my brain. So when you said it feels like all neurochemical, I think I am seeing something like this where the orgasm seems to be only enjoyed in the mind nowadays and you made me become aware of this so I really liked the post for that, it’s very interesting and shows how deep we are.
  6. jobbyj

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    and to be honest, when i O, i am sometimes unsure if thats enjoyable, i think its the build up that is
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    my prolactin levels came back normal. Does this mean I can still have severe PIED? I feel heavy brain fog.
  8. Yes, edging to new clips too, deadly combo. I get that too, now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s just anticipation and something going off in my brain and some body sensations but not a complete body feel upon orgasm. It’s all driven by dopamine. Crazy how it’s just something in our brain that makes it pleasurable to us but we are aware of this and know we shouldn’t but we do so anyways, all we have to do is not feed it but we end up doing so anyways just because our brain tells us it’s pleasurable.
  9. If you have pied then it’s the pron, hence the P in pied. But you have prolactins level checked out so that’s okay so everything physically wise, have you checked test and dopamine and other chemicals
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