PMO and Alcohol Addictions

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by pathetic guy, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. pathetic guy

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    So my PMO addiction is pretty bad, although I've managed to stay away for three days now. I am drinking heavily on a daily basis. I absolutely know that my health is going down hill from the booze.

    Is there anyone here that was been in my shoes and worked there way out of both addictions simultaneously? Should I work on the porn first, get a few weeks under my belt; the work on the alcohol problem?

    I think both addictions have really messed up my brain chemistry and that both addictions feed off one another.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    I am alcohol free last 2 weeks, i stopped with it because my liver was very damaged. Now i feel better and i never had urges or cravings for alcohol, i consumed alcohol because 2 years ago my ex broke up with me and i was depressed and heart broken. NoFap helped me a lot with alcohol and with other thing in life, now i am in second hard mode reboot, my fetishes are gone, i walk almost every day min 1 hour (today: 3 hours/18 Km), i'll start with gym this week (yesterday i started with bodyweight exercises), i decided to finalize my high education school (after it my salary will be doubled). Oh yes, i lost 4 kg in last 2 weeks, i need to lost 20 more because i want to run half marathon in my city next year.

    Just to mention, i believe alcohol is not so bad thing when you drink once per week, but being drunk almost every day from morning (yeah, i was this person)...just hell no!

    When it goes about addiction it is all in your mind. Just be strong and try to be best version of yourself! Discipline is a key if you want to open door to success.
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  3. pathetic guy

    pathetic guy Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the input guys.

    I don't think I handle quitting two addictions right now. PMO, I feel is my most troubling addition at the moment.

    I'm going to experiment with Magnolia Extract. ME is said to help ease anxiety. I certainly do have anxiety when I don't get my vodka. It probably would help PMO withdrawal as well. I'll see how it goes.

    Thanks again guys.
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  4. waterworld

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    You should go to AA

    Address what's goin to kill you fastest first
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  5. I have three months not drinking, and it was rough, I was using pmo to help me, but I also have an addiction to pmo, so that was rough, so I was feeling like crap for the first 2 months I stop drinking, then my pmo went out of control, and I was watching everyday and I was using m for awhile, right now I have 8 days no pmo, it does seem easier now, that I'm not drinking, to get control on my pmo, I been feeling crap since I stop pmo, but facing one addiction at a time does seem a ittle easier, but if u do need help because of alcohol, u should stop that first and get some help, pmo is tough but alcohol is worse in my opinion
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    I've had addiction issues predominantly with valium. If you are currently drinking heavily on a daily basis, you need to speak to your physician. Benzodiazepine (Valium etc.) and alcohol withdrawal arethe only two chemical withdrawals which can cause seizures and result in death. Take control by beginning a reduction plan and reduce by 10% every 4/5 days or whatever your confortable with. DO NOT STOP ABRUPTLY, you need to taper gradually.

    How long have you been drinking on a daily basis just so I can verify what I've said?

    If your experiencing anxiety before you drink, this maybe a symptom of dependency, or you may simply be self medicating for a pre-existing condition. Do you experience shakes first thing in the morning?

    You need to prioritise this and to start NOW. Alcohol misuse kills, and kills more than all other substances combined.

    I've attended treatment centres and can offer you a wealth of knowledge. Just PM me anytime you like : ).

    Prioritise this over PMO. Your PMO will not kill you, although it may feel like it inside.

    That said, there's no reason why you can't join us on our journey together, or atleast begin to cut back.

    We're all here for you.
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  7. pathetic guy

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    Thanks for your responses, I really do appreciate them.

    I got sober through AA in 2004. I made it until 2012 or so. Then, I though I could control my consumption to a moderate level. It didn't work. Since then, I've struggled with booze.

    My PMO involvement has always been a deterrent to walk a more virtuous walk in life. It hounds me. I will say though, I do care for the less fortunate souls in life.

    I have been very horny for the last few days and I gave into PMO today.

    I don't have a real sexual outlet as My wife has extreme pain issues. For many years now, I've felt perplexed.
    I don't want to be unfaithful, but a man needs to unload. I'm very tormented.

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