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    I had seen a doctor recently for a check up and brought up the issue of PIED. Along with a standard battery of Lipid and other serum composition tests, They also check my thyroid and testosterone. The results of everything came back good with the exception of slightly high LDL, and borderline low testosterone.

    My testosterone level was 270, where in the standard range is 250 to 870, so pretty low for a 33 year old. Being that the other blood work came back well within normal I would venture to guess that the low T is probably a major contributing factor to the PIED. I have a follow up for a physical on Tuesday so I will discuss with the doctor what can be done about it. I kind of figured Id have low testosterone being that I'm not a very burly dude and have a pretty hard time putting on muscle, however I didn't think it would be so low as to be considered borderline deficient. I haven't ever had it tested before so I don't know what it would have been pre PIED however, I know going through boot camp in 2011 I put on almost 20 lbs of muscles going from 115 lbs in Pdays up to 132 lbs after graduation, and had an enormous confidence boost. I can attribute that to succeeding in making it through boot camp and being a full fledged sailor, but I would also venture so far as to say that the intense exercise and... 2.5 months of no masturbation or porn... Might have given my testosterone a boost.

    I wonder what others numbers are if anyone here has been tested before and after a streak. I understand that it peaks around day 7 and then levels off but Im curious to know if giving up porn for an extended period of time actual allows for the testicles to up T levels or if other factors are at play. I will inquire about vitamin and mineral deficiencies at my next appointment but for now I'm curious as to what kind of numbers others have as maybe low T is more of the issue than say dopamine is.
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    Alright, full disclaimer - this is not medical advice, and seeking medical advice on an online forum such as this is not advisable.

    Now that thats out the way - heres the truth behind low testosterone. Abstaining from porn and masturbation will not raise your testosterone in any meaningful significant way. The rise will be insufficient, and will not change anything long term. Even exercise and lifestyle change has been shown to not be very helpful in permanently raising levels. Also anything below 300 is actually considered "below range" under up to date models, even that is misleading.

    You likely don't have PIED if you're having issues with erections, and arousal at your T levels. I'd put a bet down that it's 100% caused by your low testosterone. Finding out why your testosterone is low is very important, and only qualified medical professionals can help you with that. Levels of 270 at your age are not just borderline low, doctors well trained in male hormonal health(most are not, sadly) will tell you it's the levels of a 80 year old who barely eats anything. If it turns out you have a form of Hypogonadism, testosterone replacement therapy via injection is the gold standard for bringing male levels back into normal, to normal high ranges. Most general doctors are not very well versed in treating men with low-T, and will just send men home as long as they are "in the range".

    If I had your levels, once I confirmed that it was caused by Hypogonadism and not something else going on, I'd get on TRT to restore youthful levels. Check this video out, and watch the videos on this guy's channel:
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