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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Fredi-the, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Fredi-the

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    Hi all,
    I have been reading some entries on Nofap about PMO causing penises to shrink and claiming abstaining from PMO has helped increase the size of their penises both in length and girth (Thickus Dickus as one fapstruanaut put it with Monty Python twist). I am wondering if there is any truth to this or science behind it? I have had a smallish penis all my mature life (since 13 when I started faping and noticed it was small anyway) so now wonder if faping has shrink it more than it might have been if I never had a porn addiction? Perhaps if I never fapped I would of had a Behemoth size knob? I will be delighted if someone could shed some light on this and let me know what to expect during my 90 day reboot challenge since I am only on Day 9 and haven't noticed any difference yet...still looking like a turtle head retracted in his shell. What is the general experience with this phenomenon and does anyone have any research links they can share with me? Thanks.

  2. IGY

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    Masturbation/porn does not shrink your penis. Whatever size we have is more to do with genetics than anything else. It seems that many guys have wildly different views of what they consider to be small. So, what is your length when erect?
    Some experience no change at all. But it is quite common for the flaccid penis to shrink during the early phase of the reboot (called a flatline) and then return to normal in the later phase before rebooting. But you are unlikely to get growth that you never had in the first place.
  3. Fredi-the

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    Thanks for your reply, most helpful. I assume I am small because that's the way it looks when I look down on it. I am also aware genetics play a part and my dad was small from what I couldn't help but notice pissing beside him at urinals. I have noticed it seems bigger when I look at myself in a full length mirror which is I assume as others see me. When flaccid, I am an inch, maybe 2" on a good day. When I am hard, I am 8 inches on average. After my cystoscopy last month, I think it shrunk even smaller like to a 1/2 inch - nothing but a mushroom cap. I figure it is in hiding to prevent another procedure. LOL :)
  4. Assad-The lionheart

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    penis size depends on your genetics bro....for super sex you need a super hard penis(hardness matters more than length) and i guarantee you that your penis will get way harder than now after 90 days....keep doing it
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    I don't know about NoFap, but the "use it or lose it" is true. I was into tranny porn, and I used to look for femboys on tumblr, and there's a lot of them using dick cages that don't allow their penises to get hard, so over time the penis shrinks, and the before/after pics are crazy.
    If you get your sleeping-boners, like any healthy man does, I guess there should not be any shrinking, more so if you get random boners throughout the day. But maybe some guys don't get that sleeping-boner, I don't know.
  6. Anonymous86

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    Porn does shrink the dick. Happened to me.
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  7. Ad4gio

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    Your dick's max size will not shrink or grow absolutely, but you'll have harder and fuller erections that will certainly make it seem bigger than normal. Think of it as reaching your unit's full potential.
  8. Woodland-Soul

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    Basically this.

    Abstaining from M.O does definitely make your penis size reach its full potential.
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  9. My penis size varies so much based on conditions. It is hard to distinguish now vs before the reboot etc. I think it is very subjective. On a different site, where edging (long masturbation sessions regardless of with or without porn) are ENCOURAGED to increase size. Indeed ballooning or edging both help it two in thickness but of course this goes against the reboot concept. I have edged for years and documented growth in length and thickness and when you stop stimulation of course if shrinks down a bit but. It permanently. The length gains are more from stretching or jelqing. Sorry all these things are another topic. Talk to me if you want to know. I have become an expert in growing you permanent size and I have a big one to prove it. Again, sorry that is off (nofap) topic but it is real.
  10. Fredi-the

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    Well, here I am on Day 10 and my flaccid knob is now an amazing 4" long without any arousal to it whatsoever. Not sure how that happened or if the one inch nub of the past 9 days may come back. I have fluctuations in my penis size as well so time will tell if the 90 days leave any permanent size enlargements or not.
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  11. You seem to be more as via ces than me in being in touch with your red zones and stuff that I don’t even understand. Yes zones are trigger searches for porn I assume. Lately I have been getting off with hook ups off of Grindr. As well as masturbating while chatting or reading nofap. My jerking often has nothing to do with the thing I’m doing at the time unlike if I use porn. If you’re o line we can chat back and forth unless you want to text or something which is fine.
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    Lol 8 inches hard is small
    Society is fucked up
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  13. Fredi-the

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  14. IGY

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    Lol, 8 inches is BIG. Now I do not even understand this thread. :confused:
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    Really man, don't worry about your dick size you are bigger then 80% of the men , be sure about that. Probably more than 80%. Your dick is porn star level big. You must be like taller then 6 foot and weight a lot to see it small
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  16. Fredi-the

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    Yup, 6 foot 200lbs but it's the flaccid size that bothers me, not the erect size. I barley have an inch worm most days. :)

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