PMO and Sex? - whats the difference?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, May 8, 2019.

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    I know the adversity of PMO, it makes you feel low, depressed and creates bad impression about themselves.

    here are some of the harmful effects of PMO:

    lack of social skills
    objectification of females
    ADHD and distractions

    after quitting PMO, i had better time, more focus, my addictions (in other areas) like mobile, the internet was rapidly reduced..

    so i felt better because i had more energy to spent on better things.

    but here comes the PARADOX
    if we can perform better when preserving sexual energy
    does it mean one cannot able to have sex (often times) in order to become successful in personal development?.

    I dont mean about getting obsessed over sex, becoming lazy after having sex.

    is it possible to stay at the same level of confidence, same level of productivity of no PMO even when having sex everyday? (I DONT MEAN MASTURBATION)..
  2. Gatoroid

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    I am very interested to watch this thread. I myself am married and wondering how to keep the balance
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    - It is possible to have sex while preserving semen (see Karezza / Coitus Reservatus). Something you may want to try with your partner. Exercising pelvic muscles can help with that
    - Orgasm from sex with a significant other is different from orgasm from masturbation, it is less exhausting and you get other benefits.
    - Having less frequent but higher quality sex is what every couple should strive for. Consider it a privileged moment, not something you consume like food.
    - Becoming successful in personal development: meh... look into your own confidence issues before you get into personal development. Keeping your ego in check and taking a step back from cultural expectations imposed on men (like productivity) will save you time and help you keep your sanity.
  4. treat sex as a drug (alcohol for example). you wouldn't drink often and be hungover all the time?
  5. Motiv3

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    I will tell you the most important different between PMO and Sex.

    Obviously, you cannot compare them. Why? Because in one you're fantasizing, in other you're doing real stuff.
    the most important diffence is...

    When you PMO, you feel bad because you're doing it for your own, without a girl/man. Just to satisfy yourself, that's selfish. When you relapse your self-confidence drops.
    In the other way, when you have sex, your self-confidence boosts a lot. Because you're satisfying yourself and your partner. It will boost your self-confidence and make you look better an happier

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