PMO and shame : explanation

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    Most people here ,and all over the world,experience the very negative and unpleasant feeling of shame after pmo.they feel bad,want to withdraw,cant communicate and experience a feeling of isolation.the real cause of shame after pmo can be fully explained knowing the greek world of shame which is ντροπη derives from the greek world entropy ,a well known state which means increase in inner tense.when you pmo, you irritate your limbic system with pictures that dont belong in the real sex up yourself when noone is around,you orgasm without a partner and this elevates tremendously mainly dopamine. Constant increase in dopamine ,a fundamental brain neurotransmitter,can create brain fog,maniac state,loss of focus and loss of memory.all of these symptoms increase the inner tense in the brain, reduce the ability to understand and control yourself,impair the ability to vision the present tense and reality around you thus increasing brain entropy and then cones unpleasant feeling that one has and wants to exclude and isolate himself from the world and people around him.
    The solution is one and finite:stop pmoing,never for any reason touch your genitals and let your brain heal the way nature has developed to heal by itself with a very natural way. We are born with all the tools to heal ourselves naturally and effectively.
    Trust your body and brain ,give them sufficient time with a full reboot and you will be rewarded with the most valuable thing in the world: your true self healed ,alive and kicking

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