PMO as a bisexual/homosexual behavior

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    I've been writing about PMO essentially being both a straight and a homosexual act (more gay than straight) for some time now, but i have stumbled across a survey that proves what i've been theoretically arguing for so long now.

    This survey is on over 11k users of a very popular porn site. If you are familiar with statistics and sampling, 11k is a HUGE sample size and even if the sampling can't be thoroughly controlled with other robust methods, the size of the sampling itself makes it reliably accurate. Needless to say i have been amazed such a survey exists. I won't name the site nor post a direct link, but a link to NY Post that summarizes it. There you can find the link to the site/survey itself.

    Take a very good look at this graph:

    Previous posts i've made on this subject can be found here:

    You can either connect the dots or write the usual "omG CorReLatioN dOEs nOt imPLy CaUSaTiOn.
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