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    Hi everyone this is a journal that I have been and currently still am working on. I need update it with a part II.

    The PMO Cure journal

    These are my journal entries while trying to cure my PMO addiction and PIED.




    Moderate porn use. No extreme fetishes. 2-3 times a week. Sometimes 4-5.

    No multiple Os per day. Only once per night

    The reboot

    April 13- last PMO

    April 13-26- lack of energy and no drive to do anything

    April-27- SE no VP no O. Experienced PIED did research to find ybop

    May 1 upped fat intake fixed diet and increased cardio. Healthy fats 80 grams per day 160 grams of protein 300 grams of carbs. Started a new workout routine

    May 5- noticed increase in morning wood duration and night erection frequency increased libido very slightly

    May 6-10- noticed semen leaking. Full flaccid penis at resting state

    May 13- DAY 30 of no PMO- very high libido. erection from just thought of sex. Kept testing to see how hard Id get just from thought of sex. Thoughts were for only slight moments and only from rls memories or vanilla thoughts. No porn thoughts. Looking back I was doing that to see erection quality. Better checking this way rather than PMO or MO but still would not suggest to do.

    May 18/19 Started sleeping on time before 12am woke up 730 without alarm.

    Started to limit tv phone social media use cut back on sexual thoughts. No coffee or preworkout supplements.

    At this time did some research on dopamine debt and how porn might cause a higher tolerance to dopamine response.

    Also use of multiple apps, podcast, music, netflix constant alerts from snapchat, instagram texts etc. causing subtle spikes in dopamine

    Might need to do a dopamine reset

    May 17- first time in a long time starting to feel emotional again nothing significant but definitely more intune with myself. Had an honest conversation with friend after 3 years about past experiences.

    May 20- WD 1. Noticed slight headache middle front of head. Comes and goes

    May 21-23 woke up each day with very hard morning wood and night erections lasted 10-15 mins

    May 27- WD 2 slight headache

    May 28- Sex dream no O

    May 24-29 flatline periods of exhaustion headaches emptiness no urges no arosual noticed I was easily irritated, brain fog, low

    energy, no appetite. Terrible headache. morning wood and night erections still there but 80-90% strength no random erections no erection when thinking about sex but semi hard when on phone with girls

    **Did research on dopamine and how porn lets out huge surge of a dopamine from the brain for porn users. With the drop in porn use brain has been experiencing a dopamine crash. Ie the symptoms above. Also cutting out social media and other sources of smaller dopamine rushes might be attributing to the flatline and crash. Not sure causation is related to correlation with flatline and lack of dopamine. Will need to monitor symptoms more.

    **Maybe the increase in sex dreams to replace the dopamine loss from porn. Not sure if the brain views porn and sex dreams the same but the sex dreams were all pov and mostly vanilla.

    May 30- DAY 42 slight increase in libido slight increase in appetite, energy levels okay, semi hard thinking of rls vanilla. morning wood 80-90% strength. Stopped stressing

    **Noticed porn images and memories fading. Recalling rls experiences more vividly. Even moments that were forgotten. Brain is looking for new methods of stimulation? Might be ready to rewire more towards real sex.

    May 31- while driving to work listened to classical music for the first time since the dopamine reset. Felt an immense amounts of joy it was a strange feeling borderline turn on. Kept feeling warm tingling feelings in my balls and penis? Blood flow? Libido? Naturally feeling more aggressive in a good way. Got called out going by a client. I was just being myself.

    • noticed a need to constantly fantasize about sex not sure why
    • Did have first random erection without fantasying not full hard 70-80%
    • Libido beginning to rise
    • Went for a walk on a sunny day sun light on skin felt amazing
    June 1- DAY 44-45went out with friends for dinner. Ended up have a drink felt any anxiety going away. Met up with a friend later that night. Took her back to my place. Kissing lead to clothes coming off before I knew it I was so hard. Had sex that night 3x and once in the morning.

    Took about 44-45 days to finally have a break through. Still not considering myself cured will keep diet consistent with sleep pattern and no pmo for the full 90 days.

    June 5- what an amazing couple of days. Energy levels high. Even with less sleep feeling pretty good. More focused more social. Made a lot more friends in the last 2 days than all of last year. Gym workout progressively better. Could be attributed to better diet and sleep. Met another person doing nofap, he randomly brought it up. Said that he was 2 weeks in and is feeling great. Said he watched a video about it and wanted to give it a try. One thing i noticed is I been noticing women a lot more. Not just them being there or even their body but smile, hair, laugh even the way they walk. PMO has not come to my mind til literally writing this sentence and even then it was a passing thought.

    June 7- DAY 50 I’m beginning to understand what they mean by super powers now when you stop PMO. I think it actually has more to do with dopamine reset than just the stopping of PMO and semen retention. Lately I been waking up earlier, doing morning cardio, workouts are stronger. Even days I sleep less the energy is still good. Working wise I been more focused almost laser focused. Have been meeting new people too. I been sticking more to a schedule. I know what I have to do and how to do it. I noticed something unique as well lately even in small mundane things seem to be either a joy to do or not even that much of a bother anymore. The other day I washed all dishes did laundry and swept the floors and didn’t even bat an eye. I even caught myself whistling and singing while doing it. I highly recommend whole on this reboot to drop the use of social media, youtube, Netflix and even limit music use and stop caffeine. Learning to be in silence has had a great effect on me. The only way I can describe it is being on the Limitless pill.
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    This is awesome! I’m on day 7 and I hope my PIED goes away in another month!
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    yah , i was thinking about this movie also
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    Hi @Iamaniconliving

    well done! Thanks for sharing. I am on day 28 with no PM.

    Question: what do you consider to be healthy sexual fantasies vs unhealthy ones?

    Any thoughts much appreciated
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    Hey, Just came across this and what inspiration! i hope that one day i can feel free from this and just in control. thanks for this post.
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    Aye man nice thread ima go ahead and let you kno ima just use this as a study guide everyday
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    Awesome, I hope you are doing well now brother!