PMO cycle for the past 20 years...

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Should I tell my wife about my jorney here?

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  1. eitaporra

    eitaporra Fapstronaut

    Hello Fapstronauts! I´m new here, chating from Brazil.
    I´ve finally realized i´m in trouble... my addiction has escalated to a point where i´m starting to throw myself into really dangerous situations... i´m so glad i´ve found this community just after i decided to do something about it.
    i signed up today, but i´m already 10 days without porn or masturbating... last sunday i had sex with my wife and it felt really good, so i´ve opted for the PM mode to start. I don´t want her to know I´ve enrolled in this program. Maybe I´ll tell her at some point.
    I hope this message finds you all good.
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  2. 10-29

    10-29 Fapstronaut

    Hello from America! I too have fallen into this hole and am about at 20 years. I have told my fiancée about the community and the motive in conversation but never that I’ve had a problem. And I really think I’m about to tell her because in my eyes, that’s accountability. That’s telling someone you love and who loves you that you have a problem and you are strong enough to face it. And anyone who loves someone should be proud and supportive of that person for trying to improve right ? And yes brother. Sex is much better now and I’m only a few days in. But when you are literally indulging 2-3 times a day it doesn’t take long to get that sensation to start coming back.
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  3. eitaporra

    eitaporra Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the message brother! You are right, I think I´ll end up telling her as well... thats surely the thing to do. :)
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  4. Always be positive

    Always be positive Fapstronaut


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