[ PMO -FREE 2019 CHALLENGE ] - three hundred and sixty five days without PMO in 2019

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by control your life, Dec 24, 2018.

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  2. Checking in. Almost done with day 26. 30 days gonna be a huge milestone! Pretty excited.

    I am not really sure what flatline is supposed to be, but I think I might have it. Cos last few days was super easy. Barely any sexual thoughts coming in my mind, very little horniness, etc. Compared to first 7 to 15 days at least. Pretty great.
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    So sorry to hear. Good luck.
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    Day 25

    Today I had my first real wet dream since this challenge started (and also the first in years). The problem is that I remember it so clearly, that I have been having problems trying to concentrate, and the urges are slowly coming back.
    I'll have to find a way to stay busy for the rest of the weekend. Maybe go to a party with friends or maybe trying to go out by myself again.
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  7. it happend to me before , so to prevent a relapse , i choose to travel for few days , becouse i had this opportunity to do it , and this travel tottaly distracted my mind , so when i was back ,my mind was calm again and no urges , but unfortunately not everyone have the time to travel
    in this case emergency plan must be in place
  8. so tomorrow it will be straight 20 days...cant claim it as very high achievement still somewhere for person like me who has spend every day & every bit of last 12 year in PMO & 4 year in depression somewhat feeling a sight of relief...struggle is not over yet...neither my desire to achieve more...more the day...more the day temptation rises...more i will fight to win...more i will be happy after every single win...just feel pity for myself who was complacent with life in PMO...never thought world is in real something else...day 18/31st December 2019
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  11. hello friend ,well done on 18 days ! Some people beat this addiction from first try ,they have very strong will ,and do it from first attempt ! I am struggling with pmo as you ,and im heavy addict pmo ing almost every day for more than 20 years,actually its almost 30 years now , which shows that my will is not very strong! My best streak after 21 years was 2 weeks sober ,which you see is aint much , so i find doing it step by step might be better ,but each time you have to improve your record ,otherwise it will take you very long time or even never!!
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    Sorry to hear about this because the chaser effect may make things difficult for you - so be careful and stay strong friend.
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    Day 26/365 check in
    @control your life Thank you for this thread! I was thinking - being at the top of that list must be quite a pressure - so I am wishing you every strength today in keeping this together.
  14. Thank you friend ! Its very helping that i feel the support of all of you guys , and being together as unit really makes a difference! I wish for everyone pmo free weekend and strong will in our path ,becouse this battle is never ending!!
  15. Day 26, checking in ! :) Happy weekend everybody ! :)
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  17. Welcome!

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