[ PMO -FREE 2019 CHALLENGE ] - three hundred and sixty five days without PMO in 2019

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  1. Day 28 & 29.
    Check in.
    The margin for error is too small when you go past one month.
  2. I am out. :( Lost my motivation to do this momentarily; getting out of the house every day really is important. But I know I can make it really far now, I'm starting over right away!
  3. every day is success in itself, its just the perspective how we see it, even though we fail still we find a way through which we could succeed, we could find the element inside us which we lack to succeed...blaming is always easy...but it brings nothing...whatever was bound to happen has already happened...crying over the milk in the present which was split in the past just bring remorse...even it take years for us to reach to such addict level so obviously it will take time to correct ourself...just believe ourselves...believe our patience...believe our efforts...they will bring color not today then atleast tomorrow but it will not go in vain...day 19/31st December 2109
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    checki iniiiii...
    only 320 check-ins left...
    this is really an excercise in patience...
    god I'm so drunk....
    Edit: And I'm such an attention whore... ayylmao
  5. Sorry to hear that buddy , you were so close to the end of the toughest first month !! At least im glad on your determination to try again soon ! For me , my strongest weapon is not to relapse ,but if i do , it takes me nearly a week to even start a new streak , so i admire everyone who can manage to pass with only one reset !
  6. Its party time and i hope you are already asleep ,as its the most dangerous times , stay strong buddy , dont give up now all the efforts , dont do anything stuped you are going to regret!
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  8. check in - 27/365
    from the success stories
    "1. Find out what helps you get untriggered and start doing those things on a regular basis before the triggers even happen. For example if going to the gym is something that makes you feel better if you feel like shit, do that before you feel like shit!
    2. Therapies/support groups
    There are many kinds: psychological, hypnosis, 12 step, meditations, yoga, spiritual programs, energy healing, etc.
    3. Meditation/Spiritual practice
    4. Help others, be kind to others
    For some reason whenever I do this, I feel like porn is further way. Porn is really about selfishness, pain, suffering, abuse, aggression, punishment etc. So by being kind and loving towards others, you are essentially practicing the opposite of porn.
    5. Create a full life
    Load up your life with as much as you can, so there is hardly any room or place for the porn. Stay busy, find new hobbies, find your passion, try to avoid spending too much time alone.
    6. Blockers
    Blockers have really helped me. There were times in the recent months where I probably would have looked at something during moments of weakness or feeling short bursts of cravings. Because of the blockers I couldn’t access it. I don’t think blockers alone are the answer, but its good to have them just for those rare occasions where you find yourself about to fall down the rabbit hole.
    7. Have a plan in place for the day. Have a plan in case you get super triggered and follow that plan if you feel out of control. (this is really important)"
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  11. every day is a blessing , its a chance to express your feelings and to develop your inner self , you can look back and learn from yours and others mistakes ,but dont regret , just change yourself to better !
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    26 days pmo free...just today pmo is not an option...accepting the good, bad, and the ugly, and not listening to the addict mind that tells me it’s worth it, avoiding the slippery slopes, reflecting on the suffering and pain of the hooks of porn addiction, and the freedom, albeit painful at times, of not engaging in pmo
  13. Day 30.
    Stay positive. Stay determined.
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    Yep, I had a wet dream a few nights ago, wasn’t too bad afterwards but definitely good to stay vigilant, focused, and to keep in mind that it will pass and it’s not worth it to act on it :)
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    Great stuff, we gotta use the tools :emoji_hammer_pick:
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