[ PMO -FREE 2019 CHALLENGE ] - three hundred and sixty five days without PMO in 2019

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by control your life, Dec 24, 2018.

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    checking in day 27. Im still in the flatline and have no libido. However I feel the strong urge to masturbate to porn sometimes even though I dont even get hard or am aroused. But I have at the same time already many positive benefits like a lot more energy and happier emotional balance.
  2. it's been 3 years since I was on these websites but never came so far...after countless relapsed day after day, at least this time I have been able to reach 20 days...if not feeling overwhelming then at least feeling good... can't ask more than this from myself...its not a complacent..it's not a satisfaction...its just a hunger this time to do better...it's will not to fail anymore...it's just a journey...to be continued...20/31st December 2019
  3. there is no doubt in this and more of the people agree ,that the first month is the hardest ,you have to tough it out ! It slowly get easier afterwords with occasional strong urges ,but nothing as first month ! Also your detemination is very important afterwords, to keep what you have been fighting for! The road is not easy ,dont fool yourself , but its worth it!
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  5. Checking in day 27 and 28 (i forgot to check in yesterday), keep moving forward ! :)
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  8. check in - 28/365
    thank you guys for posting , keep it strong!!
  9. Hi group,
    how's everyone doing? I'm on my day 47 (19 days in 2018 and 28 days in 2019) today, so will be approaching day 50 soon. I've been experiencing loneliness and low energy during the weekend, had a bout of binge eating and was close to edging but I stopped myself. It seems that my addiction is trying to find ways out through food or seeking connection by starting meaningless relationships or conversations who only waste my time. It's good that I identified that so now I will cut these two channels off. I have quit drinking and will quit coffee soon (currently waning myself off it gradually) and I have to say that when I added NoFap to it I became very centered and focused inward and really noticed toxic people and toxic activities around me which are not relevant for me anymore. So I'm cutting them off as well. This journey is really a journey to my true self. My energy and my vibrations mean so much more and are much more worthy than to waste them on porn, MO or toxic guys or things like that.
    Stay strong everyone!
  10. Thank you for your post ! Yes, i think edging is dangerous as relapse itself , it will work bad on your confidence and its very likely to relapse soon ,its a real torture , a trap you would fall into ! As for the non sexual bad habits im cutting it slowly ,i wish they go down too , but for now number one priority is pmo addiction
  11. Yeah it is indeed so, I have felt the apathy and this very toxic loneliness crawling closer to me then which is very risky cause then the brain starts telling you "fuck it, you need to release it" and then you relapse. What for? It won't make any good to me in the long run.
  12. True, the opposite of pmo is connecting with friends ,going out ,socializing ! We must find ways to increase this in our life !PMO ing has turned us in lonely individuals ,prefering dark places , avoiding friends! We must reach out as a change to our habbit! Call your friends ,invite them on cinema ,on a restaurant , or just for a stroll , be the active one ,dont let the pmo habbit ruin your life and relationships ,dont stay home ,feeling lonely ,tempting yourself with pmo which is a pain pill for few minutes only
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    Day 28 here. Had my first wet dream in about 10 years last night. It was a strange sensation but a sign that things are on track. Since nofap I have been having sex with the wife (which gets exponentially better as time without porn goes on by the way) and the dream was all about me and her.
  14. from the forums :

    "There is an acronym H.A.L.T (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) that represents the top four reasons for "acting out". If you have family, friends, or even just going out in a public place like a mall, do it. I know that you could potentially be in a crowded stadium and still be lonely, but you're not going to "act out" in a crowded stadium. If you're going to binge eat, make sure it is healthy. Feeding your body garbage produces garbage. Garbage in, garbage out. Dr. Ralph Carson speaks vehemently about it."
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    27 days down, today getting out of myself and helping others on my day off...I could feel a little selfishness and self centered thoughts coming in this morning, but that is the committee member in my head I’d rather not listen to. He gets bad results. Good luck today everyone!
  16. Checking in. On day 29 now. I had a short break in libido for a while but I feel it's starting to come back now.
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  18. one of the hardest fights is the one when someone fights with themself inside of themself for themself...thats what i'm fighting...even though I loose this fight...I will the one who win this fight...a fight that start with the moment I open my eyes in morning to night till I close my eyes...day 21/31st December 2019...to be continued...

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