[ PMO -FREE 2019 CHALLENGE ] - three hundred and sixty five days without PMO in 2019

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by control your life, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Gomfy

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    Sorry guys, I had moment of weakness and failed yesterday. It wasn't even worth it because I felt like sh*t afterwards. I was so close to 1 month but I ruined it.

    Best of wishes for those who are still fighting.
  2. Sorry to hear brother , pick yourself up and try again
  3. SomeRandomNatty

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  4. Randox

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  5. WanderTruth

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    hello guys. i am back sooner than expected. because fighting almost 3 addictions(PMO, novels, internet) is too much for me. the last few days, i almost relapsed twice. but at last minute i somehow( kind of angle blessing or the greater power or the supports of you guys here) i did not click the links. so to be honest no p no naked picture just some kind of suggestive ads and a lot of fantasies in this weak brain. it is getting extremely hard. usually my scheldule is really busy and i dont have time to think about it. but now with a lot of free time... could you give me some advice
  6. Randox

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    Read this for some motivation
  7. Hope everyone is trying their best... Good luck for the upcoming month!
  8. Jonny123

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    Lovely @fleurette. I can certainly identify with seeking solace in food! The first step is realising that it is a problem. Hopefully our success with nofap will spill into other aspects of our lives and other addictions we have.
  9. SomeRandomNatty

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    here I posted this list a few weeks ago in this thread but it might not harm if I podt it again
    Things that work for me:
    • avoid the opportunity to PMO (this should be your #1 tool)
    • help others
    • integrate yourself in the NoFap community
    • get an AP
    • deal with your mental problems (see a therapist)
    • undermine thoughts like "just one more time", "PMO is good for you",... (research socratic dialouge). For this you need to know exactly why you want to stop. Write it down.
    • understand how addictions work
    • exercise & diet (liamrosen.com/fitness.html)
    • keep your hands off your private parts
    • don't fantasize about PMO
    • cold showers
    • avoid other forms of sensation overload
    • regular relaxation exercises/prayers/meditation
    • get friends/family
    • become religious
    • have routines
  10. Jonny123

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    Day 29/365 Check in
    Just about managing!
  11. henry3526

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    Day 29 checking in. We've made massive progress so far!
  12. Day 31 and 32.
    I had a near wet dream. But I'm not going to give up easily.
    The game has just begun.
  13. Nekkhamma

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    28 days done, keep going, don’t give up, one day at a time, good luck today everybody :)
  14. Christian Fox

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    Failed on day 29. I just relapsed. It's a shame! But life will go on...
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  15. Hardcandy

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    Last several days were not too good. Another wave of urges. However, like in a lyrics, I'm still standing... (I hope you are singing ;) ). 29!
  16. Mattsfreedom

    Mattsfreedom Fapstronaut

    Day 29. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing a lot of energy and feelings of just general well being and confidence? That's how I have been feeling these past couple of days just wondering if anyone else has been too.

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